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Leadership 101

12 December, 2002 4:30 PM

Reflecting upon some of Alan Roxburgh's speaking today as I worked. He talked about quite a few things, but one that stuck in my head was a new model of leadership that is emerging in the business world. The 'experts'...(what makes someone one of these anyway!?) have found through much research that the days of the old top down, power driven, making them shake in their boots style of leadership are over.

Instead - a new style of leader is coming to the fore - these are the people that are currently leading the worlds most successful and sustainable businesses - they are often quiet, humble, encouraging types - who get alongside their employees and work with them - encouraging them to do their best. They often work behind the scenes and shy away from being seen 'at the top' grabbing for power.They seek to serve and make those under them succede - they are happy when others do well.

Reminds me of someone

Havn't read Jesus CEO: Using Ancient Wisdom for Visionary Leadership yet, but John from my Ignition group said its pretty much about the same thing and a book that he's passing onto some of his MBA students.

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