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Kids and God

10 June, 2003 4:49 PM

This afternoon I did my usual session of teaching RE again in the local primary school. Today I took a video camera into the class to interview them. I had a group of 8 ten to twelve year olds and we did interviews on the topic of 'What is God like?' I was a little sceptical that we'd be able to get much out of them as most of them are not church kids - but their responses were quite amazing. I wish I could video stream it for you...however for legal reasons (and my lack of technical nouse) I can't. After we finish videoing next week I'll put up some of their responses.

I will say that they were very open to talking about God and very honest in their responses. They didn't feel the need to pretend that they knew or believed God, some expressed that they were not sure. Others had some really great insights on deep topics....somehow we got onto is God male or female?. Others talked about their experience of prayer....it was quite a comprehensive session.

I love the way kids so honestly tell it like it is.

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