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Introduction to Photoblogging and MoBlogging

6 April, 2004 12:34 PM

Update: I have recently moved all my blog tips category to a new blog dedicated to blogging atProBlogger.

Photoblogs and MoBlogs are continuing to grow in popularity. I've had a number of emails in the past week asking for information on how to start your own photoblog or moblog so I thought I'd put together a central resource page on the topic of photoblogging and moblogging.

What are Photoblogs and MoBlogs?

Whilst a photoblog can be a Moblog (and visa versa) they are not neccessarily one in the same thing. Lets looks to a couple of definitions from the 'experts'.

'A photoblog is a type of blog that is regularly updated with photos. Some photoblogs focus only on photography, while others have photos in addition to other content. All photoblogs, however, consider photos to be an important part of their chronological blogging structure.' Source - Photoblogs.org FAQs

'Moblogging is a blanket term that covers a variety of related practices. At its simplest, moblogging (from "mobile web logging") is merely the use of a phone or other mobile device to publish content to the World Wide Web, whether that content be text, images, media files, or some combination of the above.'Source - First International Moblogging Conference (yes there is an international moblog conference!)

An increasing amount of photobloggers update their sites by moblogging technology, however many of the most serious photobloggers don't - mainly due to image quality issues as camera phones have relatively low megapixel ratings (although they are climbing) and transferring large files via such technology is not really feasible.

It is difficult to get a grasp on how many photoblogs and moblogs are currently active however more and more services are being offered and many 'traditional '(I never thought I'd use that term) text based bloggers are increasingly utilizing moblog technology or are running parallel photoblogs to their main blogs.

Photoblogs.org is one popular resource designed to help people find all kinds of photoblogs. You can post details of your photoblog there and have it listed with a growing collection of over 3,511 photoblogs in 56 countries and 26 languages. It is a great starting place to go and promote your blog.

How to start and promote a Photoblog or MoBlog
Most blogging tools will enable you to incorporate photos into your blog if you know a little html code. However there are an increasing amount of services specifically designed for this purpose. Many of them automate the process of uploading and hosting photos and resizing thumbnails which can be difficult with some blogging services. Following are some of the more popular photoblogging and Moblogging tools and services. Also remember that a lot of blogging tips written for 'normal blogs' will also be helpful in starting and promoting your new photoblog or moblog.

Photoblogging/Moblogging Services and Tools

Also check out:
- Snaplog - a Windows XP/2000/98 application that provides an easy interface to share photos on your website. A Photo Blog with one click publishing- required FTP.
- Gallery - a free php app that makes creating and updating a photo gallery very easy. Not a photolog, but easily integrated within MovableType.
- Mfop2 - a free service that allows you to post photos from your camera phone to a blog.

Other interesting articles, essays and posts about Photoblogs and Photoblogging:
- Picture Pages - Web sites for people who hate to read
- Photobloggies - 2003 Photoblog Awards
- Is photoblogging good for photography?
- Photoblogging - An Essay
- Some of My Favorite Photoblogs
- The Best of 2003 Photoblogs
- Dear Diary - Guardian Article
- Weblogs get upwardly mobile
- picturephoning.com
- BlueHereNow
- Will 'moblogs' mean mo' money
- Moblogs changing how life is recorded

Photoblogging and MoBlogging technology is continuing to develop and grow. If you know of other services, articles or resources or would like to review one of the above tools please feel free to add your comments and suggestions below so that we can continue to grow this resource.



Mblog offers a wonderful free mobile blogging service as well. I rarely use it for its intended mobile blog feature, but because it's powered by movabletype and has no ads, no monthly bandwidth restrictions, and no space limitations, I like it very much. The only gripe is that it doesn't always keep up to date with movabletype versions.

Great blogging tips, by the way. I enjoy this series a lot.

Robin Yang » 14 April, 2004 7:52 AM

Gr. Sorry. The link is http://mblog.com not htttp://mblog.com

Robin Yang » 14 April, 2004 12:58 PM

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