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Introducing 'A Dozen Steps'

10 December, 2005 10:09 PM

Many of you will know that I've joined with three other bloggers to start a blog network in the past few months by the name of b5media. In partnership with quite a few other bloggers we've launched over 50 blogs already on a wide range of topics. The latest one to launch is one I'm very excited about. It's called A Dozen Steps and is a blog about 12 step recovery programs written by Anne Wayman.

This is the type of blog topic that I'd like to see added in numbers to b5 - a blog that has the potential to bring life to those strugging with the issues that it faces. If you know anyone that you think might benefit from Anne's wisdom and encouragement feel free to pass the URL along to them.



wow thats great to have such a large network of bloggers! Good Luck

Shelley Brant » 24 January, 2006 2:48 PM

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