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18 February, 2003 10:02 PM

This week I'm participating in a 10 day intensive subject at college studying under guest lecturers from the US - Tom and Christine Sine. Tom is the writer of 'Mustard Seed vs McWorld' (and numerous other books) and he and Christine wrote 'Living On Purpose' (the title of the subject I'm studying). After two days I'm finding it pretty good. I have probably covered most of what we've done previously in my study with FORGE - however its good to have the lessons previously learnt confirmed by someone outside our context.

The premise of todays lectures was that as Christian leaders we need to be looking at future trends in order to be effective in producing good discipleship in our churches and communities. Its a simple and logical idea really, one which businesses and corporations generally do pretty well and one which most churches and church leaders would agree with in theory. However when it comes to practice I'm not so sure that most of us do too good a job of it.

Often as leaders we are so busy in maintaining the status quo in the present and dealing with the past that we don't have a spare moment to think about or plan for the future.

I guess we need to be balanced in this - we could go to the other extreme too and spend so much time reflecting upon future possibilities and strategising for them eventuating that we never think about the here and now.

The challenge I felt today was to spend some more time doing some discerning about the place where we live and are planting the Living Room. I've done a lot of personal observation over the past few months but will spend some time in the next couple of weeks seeking out more information from others. I actually sent an email to our local Council member requesting information - I wasn't sure about getting a response from her, but within a few hours I had a reply - she is willing to meet and talk about the opportunities and needs of our local community. She has already indicated one or two possible areas that we might be able to make contributions to some local issues. I guess its all a part of the discerning process - all part of spotting what God is up to in the neighborhood and discerning how we are to join him in it.



wow they work

Darren » 21 February, 2003 8:29 PM

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