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i Church 1.0

27 June, 2003 10:58 PM

I am really impressed with Apple's i Life software digital hub made up of i Tunes, i Movie, i Photo and i DVD. Also in Apple's range is i Cal, i Sync, i Chat, i Pod, i Sight, i Disk, i Book and i Mac.

I love how the different elements integrate together, I love that using their gear isn't messy. I love the clean aqua design and I love the easy to use nature of each of the components.

I think its time I jumped on the bandwagon and released my new venture on the world. It's a 'Spiritual Hub' I like to call i Church. Its a simple idea really - its a new Christian resource where everything comes nicely packaged together in a smartly designed and well marketed package. When you buy into the i Church program you get a fully working spirituality which integrates every aspect of faith in an easy to use, no fuss and non messy kind of way.

Included in the basic package is i Pray, i Worship, i Sermon, i Fellowship and i Mission. This basic package is fully integrated - nothing more to do or think about - once loaded you're set for life - i Life that is.

How much would you expect pay for this amazing spiritual package? Don't answer that because as a special offer, for the first 100 buyers only, a copy of the brand new i Bible Study will be included for no extra cost. This resource will not only provide you with thousands of easy to answer questions about Scripture, but also most of the answers to all life's tricky questions about life.

The basic package including the free i Bible Study is available at a special introductory price for the next 48 hours only at $195.95 (US$). Be sure to place your order quickly to avoid disappointment.

Other components will be released gradually after the release date allowing people to upgrade and enhance their spirituality. i Alt Worship is one of the soon to be released components that is sure to enhance the basic i Worship package.

A range of i Theology plug ins to suit all points on the Theological spectrum is also available. Just mention you preference to one of our helpful phone operators when placing your order.

Also if you have teens or children that you're hoping to fit out with the latest in spirituality you'll need to check out our cutting edge i Youth Group and i Sunday School resources. They come packaged in bright, easy to swallow, packaging that will keep your kids occupied for many years.

Our operators are awaiting your call on 0055 0342 0943. (calls charged at $14 per 60 seconds, cell phones charged at higher rates)

Update: Alan has most generously volunteered to design another component - i Liturgy (in both full and lite versions depending on the features you want.) Having read his blog for 6 months now I'm looking forward to it. If anyone else would like to design a component please leave a comment with the suggestion - also I'll need a good design person to come up with an aqua like logo. Free versions will be available to those who contribute.



Darren - I've got another component that I'll be willing to design for your suite - i Liturgy - of course there will be an i Liturgy (full) version and an i Liturgy (lite) version - depends on how many of the features you want.

+ Alan » 28 June, 2003 1:21 AM

iDon't Know

You've got a pretty good sense of humour - looking forward to a quiet beer or 5 and a few laughs..

Paul » 28 June, 2003 8:38 AM

Ack! How much system memory is required for this? Am I gonna have to upgrade my hard drive? Will you send me periodic messages to upgrade the software, you telemarketing genius you?! Very cool, very funny stuff. Ask Alan if he's got iIncense in the works...

debi » 28 June, 2003 10:03 AM

Throw in the steak knives and I might consider it!


Jan » 28 June, 2003 1:47 PM

Indeed, very clever. I would like to offer up my addition to the list. I think obviously in order to fully fund the operation your proposing, we need iIndulgences. If Mac can sell songs at .99 cents a pop, certainly we can market forgiveness of sins at similar pricing...

Clint » 30 June, 2003 7:36 AM

Not a bad idea Clint! iForgive Store complete with the ability to decide what level of forgiveness you want... perhaps based on Dante's Inferno's scale. ;-)

I'm thinking I'll have to buy iWorship for my iMac. Although, Darren, please come out with a Linux/KDE port ("kWorship"???), as I prefer GNU/Linux...

Timothy R. Butler » 30 June, 2003 12:01 PM

Hehe very funny. But on a more serious note (because I'm feeling serious this morning...for once...), I can't help thinking...isn't it interesting how everything starts with "i"? Hmm...

Jonathan » 1 July, 2003 12:07 AM

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