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Hit a nerve?

3 January, 2003 5:29 PM

Seems the last post hit a nerve both positively and negatively with some if the comments are anything to go by! A couple of the comments concerned me particularly and have made me think much on this subject as I worked today. Cameron concerned me because he seems to lump all Muslims into one basket - the one where they are all terrorists. I personally take offence at this as I have always had friends that are Muslim and they are some of the most peace loving people I've ever met. This is another topic altoghether that perhaps we could explore at some later stage. For now you might like to look at my previous post on my visit to a local Mosque here to get a feel for some of my own journey on this.

Ellis concerned me somewhat as they seem to be trying to isolate themselves from all those that don't profess Christianity as their religion. I don't understand this thinking at all - partly because such an approach would almost be impossible here in Australia due to the smallness of the 'Christian Market' (see last post for what I mean) but also because to me it seems to directly contradict the message of Jesus who time and time again took the religious leaders of his day to task for this type of behaviour. Jesus crossed borders, social taboos, norms and related with just about every people group that he should not have related with.

Why do so many Christians seem to have a 'compound mentality' where they look themselves away from the world and only ever relate to their own kind. There are obviously some who literally are doing this, but I suspect we all do in other more subtle ways.

I could write more - but don't want to harp on about it. Lets keep talking about this!

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