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Hill of Crosses

10 November, 2003 8:01 PM

hill of crosses.jpgCheck out these amazing photos of Lithuania's Hill of Crosses.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of crosses here which have been brought by those on pilgrimage from around the globe. Source



I was there! A friend of mine is from Siauliai and he took me. The communists razed it twice, but it would quickly be re-built in the night, a sort of silent protest...

JJ » 13 November, 2003 1:12 PM

i am from lithuania but know im in america its great

erika » 16 December, 2003 10:49 AM

this picture should speak to everyone it shows not only the love for good but for the peace and harmony he gives us. if people where all ignorent those crosses would not sit there in rememberance of god as long as they already have. even little children remember seeing the hill of crosses. i was two when i first saw it an know when i look at pictures i desire to go there and not leave. this is great work and appreciation towards god lets keep it that way.
to all that desire to take a cross and keep it to remember the place remember god is watching us from above its still considered steeling. i know of this because the people that sell the crosses often times go to the hill to find the crosses that are in better shape to re sell but they will be sorry in the long run

i luv jesus

erika » 19 December, 2003 12:48 PM

i musht have missed this post (probably because i had not yet discovered your site...).

i see JJ has commented on this post. actually, it was him who turned me on blogging in the first place. and, after a few failing attempts, i have been blogging for a while already.

i know many foreigners are excited about this site and, maybe, rightly so... it is quite unique and it does portay lithuanian resistance against the communist atheism, but...

a few things concern me about this hill of crosses of ours. forgive my criticism - i only try to express my feelings about it.

1. the hill is actually two hills. after meeting one or two beggars on the way, you climb the hill only to see that there is another hill. both of them are covered with crosses. and crosses are covered with other crosses. on the top of the first hill, you see a statue of jesus. quite the site. however, when you look up the second hill, which is actually a little taller, you see the statue of mary. i know, many of the emergents have a thing for vintage faith and all, which is sometimes combined with catholic sympathies. i have some of that as well, but not to the extent of the veneration of saints. yes, they are great examples, but when they become the subjects (objects - i never can remember which is which) of worship... ok, i vented on the first one...

2. erika has already mentioned the second reservation - commercialism. there are tables layed out at the entrance of the site to buy crosses for putting them up as acts of thanksgiving or petition. i suppose, many people did not see anything wrong with a simmilar thing in the temple of jerusalem during jesus' time. only the lord took up the whip to drive them out (same services provided)...

so, every time i go to the hill of crosses, i have these mixed feelings... uniqueness and idol worship, reverence and commercialism - all at the same time. very postmodern, i suppose...

+Simonas » 19 July, 2004 4:18 AM

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