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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Christian Discussion Links

24 November, 2003 2:29 PM

Should Christians Watch or Read Harry Potter?

The pre release promotion is building over Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie and with it is sure to come the usual debate within Christian circles over whether its helpful for children (and adults) to read it or not.

I thought I'd post a collection of links that might help people think through such questions. I've posted the more positive ones towards HP in the first half and those taking a more negative stance towards the end:

- Searching for God in Harry Potter
- Harry Potter: A Christian Parents Nightmare?
- Harry Potter, the Pope and God
- Harry Potter's Christian Imagery
- The Christian Meaning of The Chamber of Secrets
- Searching for God in Harry Potter - Discussion Forum
- �Harry Potter Movie Discussion Guide for Christian Parents
- What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? Harry Potter Movie Guide
- Let Harry Potter Conjure Up 'Gospel Magic', Says Christian Magician

- How to Handle Harry
- The Harry Potter Debate
- Harry Potter: The Truth behind the Magic
- Harry Potter? What Does God Have To Say? - written by an ex witch
- Bewitched by Harry Potter
- 12 Reasons not to see Harry Potter
- Is Harry Potter Harmless?
- Not Going to See Harry Potter Movies? Consider These Alternatives:
- Regarding Harry Potter: What Does God have to say?
- Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons - Like two peas in a pod?
- Seek God: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such articles and reflections. Feel free to post your own thoughts and links in comments.

Also check out similar lists of links on Lord of the Rings and The Matrix.

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Having posted my opinion about Harry Potter several times on my blog, I would say that the uprising against HP is quieting or moving on to something else. In the past, whenever a movie came out, I could expect quite a few anti-HP comments on my entries concerning HP. When I last book came out, I was expecting the same, but I didn't get one. The only comments that I get on those entries now are pro-HP comments from 12 year-old girls. I get one of those comments about once a month.

Christopher » 25 November, 2003 12:01 AM

Christopher's right. The whole HP tempest is sooo passe now. There are more important things for Christians to fight about these days. Like gay bishops. Evidently Bishop Robinson is even more satanic than Harry...lol.

Jonathan » 25 November, 2003 12:52 AM

I'm reading a great book that'll be a good resource for this discussion:

God of the Fairy Tale - Jim Ware

Tom Smith » 25 November, 2003 5:36 AM

And have you read Tolkien's little book on Faerie?

Jan » 25 November, 2003 10:40 AM

God and the Faerie Tale, eh?? Sounds intriguing!

Rich » 26 November, 2003 5:56 AM


casey » 24 May, 2004 5:46 PM

I think what some christians forget is that HP is just a story. I love LOTR and HP and was not religious, but became Christian before I read it.
After getting tons of crap from my "christian" friends, I am no longer any religion again. Not just coz of that but other stuff too.
They are just stories and great ones. Christians forgot that they are make believe.

Catherine » 9 July, 2004 3:59 PM

Well i really think christians shouldnt be into harry Potter...
1st God says witchcraft is evil and he doesnt like it... he never said there was good or bad magic... he says he doesnt like it at all so why are we getting into these books and movies?
2nd Why would we even want to watch this.. we could be reading our bible or doing something to worship Christ
3rd There are little kids watching this movie and they start getting into the occult... its been proven.. there is a Harry Potter book with spells in it that kids are buying... of course these are silly and the kids are not going to start worshipping the devil right away but everything builds up.
The world is slowly turning from God and slowly letting the devil take over... not just through this book but through everyday music and entertainment. The devil is in many bands and movies and if you want to know more about this visit www.truelies.org it shows how the media is lying to you...
please go to this website because the devil is tempting you so easily... he is in bands such as blink 182 good charlotte and brittany spears!
God will always be there watching over you and keeping you safe and the devil will always be there tricking and tempting you... now its your time to choose which one you want

jessica » 25 July, 2004 1:47 PM

does anyone know hot to fight ghoules?

» 25 July, 2004 8:33 PM

Ahhh....its just a ftikkin book meant to entertain and not actually convert people to do wizardry. And there are tons of books with magic in them. This is so stupid....its just a book...a book....theres nothing wrong with it. And the people who actually get offended by it should just mind their own buisness and not read it....if they dont like it so much then just ignore it.
And its fun...I am a christian and I love it...
This is so stupid....I cant believe people even are bothered by it and have taken it to such a level z*shakes head in disbelief*

Amber » 4 August, 2004 12:25 AM

Catherine up there said they are only stories and she lost christianity because she loves them so much. But i tell you now, this is exactly what the devil wants. I think about it now and it all comes together. Infact i wouldn't be suprised if J K rowling was a witch herself. You see i was sitting waiting for the bus with a couple of friends. They were all talking about HP and i tried not to listen in but something caught my attention. Circe. I went home that night and researched and i was scared at what i found. Circe is really the name of a demon. A REAL demon. I was told that there were other names also but i didn't bother looking it up. One name was enough. Also something else. Wormwood. I already knew what that was and that was prophecy out of the bible in revelations. The meteor crashes to earth and falls into 1/3 of the worlds drinking water and poisens anyone that drinks it.
If this does not satisfy your questions email me and i'll research more.

email: chookenseb@yahoo.com.au

warrior of god » 23 August, 2004 9:14 PM

this is... disturbing...
jk rowling is kindness herself! :

"After leaving university I worked in London; my longest job was with Amnesty International, the organisation that campaigns against human rights abuses all over the world."

does THAT sounds like a demon to you?

"Then, on December 30th 1990, something happened that changed both my world and Harry's forever: my mother died.

It was a terrible time. My father, Di and I were devastated; she was only forty five years old and we had never imagined - probably because we could not bear to contemplate the idea - that she could die so young. I remember feeling as though there was a paving slab pressing down upon my chest, a literal pain in my heart."

as every demon would when his or her mother died? PUH-LEASE...

"I had hoped that when I returned from Portugal I would have a finished book under my arm. In fact, I had something even better: my daughter. I had met and married a Portuguese man, and although the marriage did not work out, it had given me the best thing in my life."

OH! LOOK! PROOF! everyone knows that all demons LOVE.

Joanne, receiving an honour, The Order of British Empire, for her contributions to literature.

which she's got because prince Charles and all the people behind this are ALSO witches... *rolls eyes*

Queen arriving at Bloomsbury Press, the publishers of Harry Potter, on a separate occasion, to see Joanne.

see! told you they were also witches! must be a secret witch-meeting or something...

and finally: I think people burning innocent people cause 1 of the 1000 MIGHT be a witch are more satanistic than someone who writes books about good vs. evil for people to enjoy. which I do.

gwirith » 5 September, 2004 6:26 AM

I am a born again (actually considering the amount of times i've had to recommit myself to God i'm born a hundred times) christian. And *shocker* i adore Harry Potter. As a young person tackling the harsh world i consider myself quite capable of being able to see right from wrong. Look, i completely understand why there is so much negativity on the part of the Harry Potter stories. My mother refuses even to touch my books and i can't even count the millions of lectures she gives me on why they're evil. But the truth of the matter is that i love God and i have faith in God and i trust God. But the world is entering a nasty time. The Devil is at work. And the angels and people of God are starting to prepare for battle. The battle between Good and Evil. The battle which God is going to win. The battle which Harry Potter (a human representation of christ) is going to win. Yes, there is witchcraft in the books, but its actually more of an analogy on prayer. Remember we are entering dark times and when it is time for us to make a choice between Good and Evil we need to know what we believe because there are going to be casualties, there is going to be pain, and the good people are always going to pay. That is why Harry Potter is going to destroy Voldemort and prove to every young person on the planet that God is not to be doubted because in the end Love, and only Love is going to prevail.

Rachel » 9 November, 2004 2:30 AM

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