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Happy Birthday Google

8 September, 2004 9:28 AM

I'd like to wish Google a happy 6th Birthday. I love Google - it is rare that a company has such a massive impact so quickly. It is hard to imagine a world without Google (well it is for me) - they have really achieved do much in their 6 years - I find it difficult to believe that they've come so far so quickly.

When they first started I remembered thinking that their search engine was pretty cool - but I had no idea how it (and their other services) would change the way I use the internet - and ultimately earn an income.

So the question remains - what does one buy an international successful business that seems to have everything for their birthday?



I remember years ago while I was still in China, and was very poor. I met an Australian guy who invited me to his birthday party. I was asking myself the same question, he looked very rich to me at that time and I just couldn't afford or thought of something as a birthday present. I've only very briefly met him once. Then I thought, I'll just buy him a card, and I gave him a word on the card. As a result he liked that word, and two months later we were married.

Susan » 8 September, 2004 12:46 PM

So how long until Google is viewed as another Microsoft (e.g., and evil monopoly)? They are, after all, the 900 pound gorilla of web searching.

Roy Jacobsen » 8 September, 2004 11:48 PM

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