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HANDS on Wedding.

15 March, 2003 4:49 PM

Weddings are always so fun! V and I are just home from another one - we've had 5 or 6 in the past few months. As I blogged a couple of days ago I officiated at this one - something I really enjoy doing. I finally did come up with a talk 'with a difference'. I talked about the happy couples HANDS. I won't go into great detail except that I talked about three qualities of HANDS and how I think they relate to LOVE. It was quite a fun talk and people seemed to engage with it. I spoke about how hands speak to me of 'intimacy', 'individuality' and 'action' all things that in my opinion are essential ingredients to love.

After the ceremony at the reception V and I were seated at a table with two other couples, neither of whom we had met or known of before. The next four hours was an amazing time. As we ate some great food and drank some beautiful wine they quizzed me solidly about my job as a minister, about my training, about our planting of the Living Room and about my views on 'church' and its relevance today in society. None of those on the table were 'church attendees' but all said they were intrigued by my 'Hands talk' and surprised that they actually related to what a minister had said!

I am always staggered by the interest and eagerness of many people I meet to know more about church. As we talked today I got the sense that these four people were genuinely hungering for a church in their area who would accept and connect with them relevantly. Unfortunately their experiences with churches and life had led them to reject the institution and view it as largely irrelevant to their lives. It struck me that it wasn't for a lack of trying on their part - but in most circumstances it was from a lack of understanding and warmth from the churches they had previously had contact with.

I came away from this wedding both deeply encouraged by the searching of many in our communities but also deeply saddened and disturbed by the way that we often get it so wrong as church.



I was reading an interesting article on America's deep Christian faith... but the paragraph which struck me was...

"..With the sole exception of one friend who is an evangelical Christian, I don't recall a single conversation with anyone about religious matters in the years I lived and worked in the capital.

Our house in London was right next to a church. We talked to the tiny congregation about the weather, about the need to prune the rose bushes and mend the fence. But we never talked about God. "

I found it particularly challenging - it can be quite easy to have relationships with non-Christians and never 'bring' God up. It's so easy to skip over 'church' when talking about what happened on the weekend.

We should bear that in mind ("the interest and eagerness of many people I meet to know more about church") and perhaps initiate more 'God' conversations...

Diddle » 17 March, 2003 3:12 PM

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