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Groups That Click

18 March, 2004 9:05 AM

I thought I'd promote my mate Andy's comment in the last post to the main site because the resource that he has developed is excellent and I'd highly commend it to you. Here is what he wrote:

groupsthatclick.com is an online tool which I wrote initially to help youth leaders & youth groups easily develop and host their own web sites (without having to have any IT knowledge or html tools).

Users can then log in, enter details about their group, create pages, online polls, select a template, and that's it - they have their own web site! The site is dymanically generated, so pages or events can automatically add or remove themselves from the site at defined dates. And of course you can login from anywhere and update your site using just a browser!

I'm *hoping* to offer it for free (to church / youth groups / etc) for as long as I can afford to, but may introduce donations or get subsidises from businesses using it, etc.

Examples of some sites being run by it so far...
plus others!

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in (a) giving it a try, (b) can help me out by providing web site templates for others to use or (c) you're a php programmer who wants to use your gifts to help others in ministry :)

Get in touch with Andy at

andy at groupsthatclick dot com

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