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Grappling with Mission

6 May, 2004 3:08 PM

Last night at Livingroom we had some more rich discussion on the topic of mission (outward journey). One of the questions we've been tossing around and grappling with is that of corporate mission. To this point we've very much focused upon our existing networks of friends, family, co-workers, fellow students, neighbors etc. We've been a little intentional over the past year about allowing our worlds to collide a little and being involved in each others networks (ie through our experiments with redemptive parties).

On one hand I feel strongly that this is the way to go - its very much an every day missional spirituality.

On the other hand I constantly find myself wondering if God might be calling us to other levels/types/ways/models of mission. If we completely focus upon the above model do we only end up interacting with people 'like us'? If so is this a bad thing?

As I read Acts I see room for the above approach, however I also see times when specific people were called to (or thrust into) other cultures that were not part of their existing 'networks'.

One of the ideas we've been toying with is to adopt a local bar (or bars) and to make a commitment to be there at the same time every week or fortnight to become a part of the rhythm of the place - I guess its about incarnation and building relationships in some of the natural gathering points of our area.

I think the conclusion that we're coming around to as we grapple with some of this is that there is no 'set way' or 'model' of engaging with our world. We're called to 'be the light', to 'make disciples', to serve, stand up for injustice etc. For us this largely happens through our own natural relationships but some of us will begin to explore ways to do it a little more intentionally together.



When you look at Jesus' ministry, He actually can't do much in His hometown.

Susan » 6 May, 2004 8:03 PM

I'm considering options like just getting involved in what the community is up to, checking out our local newspaper and volunteering or commenting or starting a project along with others, and taking it from there. Instead of going out with an "agenda to do mission", or something like that. Hanging around the bar regularly sounds like a good start for your group!

I agree, we can get too focused on our little circle. Although we need self-maintenance, our reach should be larger.

Michelle » 6 May, 2004 8:20 PM

I find that we can relate to the people we meet in our chosen professions the best, as we have a certain level of mutual respect for their abilities. Also the people that come into that circle of influence are possible seekers. It is amazing how the Lord will put some-one in your path when you earnestly ask Him for an opportunity. I also ask the Lord for a sign, like, they might bring up a certain subject that I can relate to the Bible, be it prophecy or what Jesus said, I usually start with "Well, I'm a Christian and..." I have had some great opportunities, and because I was waiting and watching for it, I was ready to jump in. That's the key, be ready! Bye.

Peter » 6 May, 2004 11:14 PM

Your topic is one that has been on my mind for several months.

Although I am 34 and have a been a "nominal" Christian all of my life it has only been over the past year that I have begun to truly embrace it and read and study and try to implement it into my life. The gospels have awakened in me a restlessness to do more to live up to the standards expressed in Matthew 25, 1 Galatians 13, and James 2 (among others). However, as someone who is very busy working and raising a young family (with either my wife or I almost always working) I am struggling for a way to follow an example like that by Albert Schweitzer to "Make my life my argument".

Brian » 7 May, 2004 5:00 AM

Check out "On the Crest of the Wave: Becoming a World Christian" by C. Peter Wagner - fun read (as most of his books are). Maybe it'll give you some good ideas to work with. You can get it on Amazon for about 10 cents a copy (used)

Sean Hogan » 7 May, 2004 10:23 AM

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