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God is With US? - Isaiah 7

8 March, 2003 1:48 PM

'The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel — God is with us.'

'God is with us'

I wonder if my faith actually reflects this some times — do I live a life that reflects that God is with us? Do I live a life where it is evident that God is with ME? I know that there are bits of my life where God feels 'with me' — like times in creation, times in prayer, times in deep and significant conversation with others. But I wonder if I actually live a pretty segmented life. I'm not so sure I live as though God were with me all day every day! Maybe Immanuel should mean 'God is with me — sometimes.'

But to just look at God being with ME — is to probably miss the point. Its US that he's with! Or is he? I wonder if the way we live as his people in community reflects his presence? Is the way I look at, treat and relate to those around me reflecting that God is with US. Its perhaps easier to grasp that he's with ME — of course he is, why wouldn't he be? I'm a pretty special guy if I do say so myself — but to acknowledge that he's with US means to acknowledge that the OTHER had God with THEM too! Heaven forbid — I've seen some of THEM! I've seen how some of THEM pray, I've heard some of THEIR politics, I've read THEIR blogs and I've heard some of THEIR worship songs!

'Immanuel - God is with us.' It is a beautiful name — but its so much more. In a rich and complex way it pulls together what Jesus was on about. In his very name we see summed up the two greatest commandments of Love. Firstly to an intimate connection and relationship with a God who desires to permeate every crevasse of our existence and secondly to community with the diversity of neighbouring travellers.



great post :)

keck » 10 March, 2003 3:50 AM

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