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Give me Your Blog Tips!

29 September, 2004 5:19 PM

Calling all bloggers - lay your top 5 blog tips on me. I've been asked to write 200-300 words on blogging for a national publication with a few blog tips for beginners in it. I'm going to put 5 short and simple tips to help people who have little or no idea about blogging together and would love your input. So give me your top few - keep them short, simple and sweet. Will write the piece (and post it here) tomorrow so you've got 12 or so hours! Thanks



1. Write about what you know and are passionate about.

2. It's your blog, your life, your thoughts, and no one elses.

3. Don't worry about getting hits, blog for yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

4. Have fun.

Rod Howard » 29 September, 2004 5:27 PM

1. Be honest and transparent -- people can sense B.S. faster than you can write it.

2. Mix it up a little -- write about anything and everything... Single-subject Blogs can get boring.

3. Be consistent -- write often... It's not only good practice, but people will come back if they know they're going to see something new.

4. I'll echo Rod's #3 -- write for yourself.

5. Don't worry about technology -- find something that's easy and quick... People don't care what Blog tool you're using, so you shouldn't either (unless you're a technical type -- like me -- then that's another story!) You don't need a domain name or webhosting -- Blogger.com Blogs get just as many hits as "this-is-my-blog.com."

timsamoff » 29 September, 2004 11:19 PM

1. Simple is better.
2. Don't quit when only 3 people read your third post. I found a bunch read my first two out of online relationship...but then it dropped off horribly. It takes time to build.

Randy » 1 October, 2004 12:42 AM

1. Don't link to too many ppl, just to those that you truly know and read.
2. Be yourself. Don't try to impress anyone.
3. Use it as a spiritual journal.
4. Make Jesus the webmaster of it
5. Simple designs are better then overloaded pages

Josue » 1 October, 2004 3:50 AM

Link lots and link often.

Fabian » 1 October, 2004 1:02 PM

Wasn't this a blog idol topic? You may be able to find some good tips there!

jess » 5 October, 2004 1:12 PM

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