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3 December, 2002 1:26 PM

FORGE was good - Mark spoketh well as usual. Did some stuff on Leadership in times of Chaos. Once again I felt affirmed in some of what I've been chewing over in my brain about church in our area. Nth Fitzroy and its surrounds are rather chaotic in many ways, yet someone in the midst of the crazyness there seems to be some real energy, real community and emerging things.

I live in Heaven

I walked down Brunswick St recently and challenged myself to look at where God is already at work. I tried to spot God's fingerprints in the place. I walked and observed for two hours and was amazed at what I saw. It was as if I had walked into heaven in many ways!

I spotted God more in this 'pagan street' than I reckon I would in many churches. In the diversity of people living side by side, the feel of community, the miriad of top quality eating and drinking establishments (like a snapshot of the Great Feast in Mtt 22), the cries for justice in the posters plastering the street posts and walls, Gods creation being continued in the work of the amazingly artistic community, the wonderful parks and the spiritually aware and awake people...evident in the books they read, the films they are watching and the conversations I overheard snippets of. The list of Gods fingerprints in this place go on and on.

Of course in the midst of it all was evidence of the brokeness of humanity, in the drug addict, the homeless and the sick. Jesus is there too - in the least of these....

Its refreshing to know that its not up to me to 'take God' to North Fitzroy - he's already there, working, drawing people to him. I'm not responsibe for introducing the concept of God and his Kingdom to that place, rather I'm responsible to join him in what he's already doing there! Phew....I don't have to save the world afterall....will leave that kinda thing to him...

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