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Fearful Flash

15 May, 2003 11:18 AM

What do you think of the Flash introduction to Josh McDowell's latest campaign?

Leighton feels ill observing the way it plays on parental fears and questions the basic premise of Josh's campaign.

For me it triggered some of the the arguements put forward in Bowling for Columbine which had the idea of 'Fear leading to Consumerism' as a central them. Interesting that its not just secular media and goverments that are using the strategy.



The fear may be real without the danger existing or perhaps we create the danger from the fear. A self fulfilling prophesy if you like.

Now as always children who are loved and trusted and raised in a caring and nuturing environment can and will manage these dangers for themselves. They can choose to say no to drugs, to inappropriate sexual behaviour etc. if we give them the selfconfidence and self assurity to do it.

The children that are at risk are the ones we are dropping bombs on in Iraq and the ones we are sending insane in our detention centres. Let's get some perspective here and not be totally self absorbed in rapping our children in cotton wool.

chris » 15 May, 2003 3:41 PM

I'm from the UK and I work with abused children who are in foster care. The sad, tragic truth is that for many children the real danger is very close to home, if not in it. The problems are political rather than moral (or even spiritual) the expectations and demands the consumerist society places on both the poor and the rich are what lie at the heart of what places children in danger - frankly Josh McDowell's approach makes me sad and angry by trivialising complex problems - the fact that the Flash intro suggests that he has all the answers smacks of what his campaign is actually called 'beyond belief'.

hadge » 15 May, 2003 11:26 PM

Josh McD have been claming to have "the answer" for a long time now. Sad thing is that his works had been aroudn the individual - giving some proof and porpositions to hold as truth and then you go ahead an live well. But there is a lack on the realisation that the idividual need the community of faith to grow and be accountable.

Fear had driven many to easy non-lasting solutions. I guess any of us who have been a follower a Christ for some time and had been involve with people know that the passion and newness of so call activities (like Beyond Believe) don't last much.

e3liacin » 15 May, 2003 11:41 PM

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