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Fear of the Stranger

29 October, 2003 10:10 PM

'Christian communities fear difference sufficiently that they usually spend a considerable amount of time tending the margins or boundaries of their communities, not in order to connect with those outside but, rather, to protect themselves from strangers.

Sometimes discussions of church membership are more concerned with who is in or out than about how to be an open and welcoming community. This fear of difference is reinforced by a dualistic view of church and world that assigns good spiritual aspects to the church and evil material aspects to the surrounding world The result of this dualistic way of thinking is that Christian communities can excuse their refusal to move out to the margins as a calling to practice piety.'

- Letty Russell in 'Church in the Round'




Thanks for the comment bro. The other day in one of our meetings we discussed how we can be an inclusive community. South Africa with its sad history of racism has some exciting new opportunities!

Enjoy your beer dude and have fun watching the Rugby.

Tom Smith » 30 October, 2003 4:55 AM

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