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Fart Free Education

4 July, 2003 11:30 AM

I couldn't help myself when I saw this article about a school in China who has banned farting in school! If a student is caught they are fined! My school would have been rolling cash if it'd instituted a fine system like this!



What the hell's wrong with banning farting in schools? Farting is distracting and it's disgusting. Besides, if we're going to effectively shift the world's nations to fascism, we MUST lay down the law to these people.

Jon » 4 July, 2003 1:40 PM

Don't let my wife see that. She'll start fining me for farting around the house.

kevin » 4 July, 2003 5:00 PM

LOL - I thought it said 'Fat Free Education'!

as in 97% Fat Free. heehee

97% FART Free.

Sammy » 4 July, 2003 5:13 PM

Communism, gotta love it. I can think (way) back to my freshman year in college when I walked into a room of some mates also in the music program.

They were having a contenst.

I suspect there would have been executions handed out all around.

Mean Dean » 5 July, 2003 10:33 PM

It has been decided: Next school year I am instituting a farting fine in my room to help supplement my classroom budget that has been cut.

Christopher » 6 July, 2003 8:57 AM

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