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Examining Samuel

19 March, 2004 5:30 PM

One of my classes this year is looking at the books of I and II Samuel. I'm really enjoying getting back into some books that I always enjoyed reading as a boy. I wasn't really allowed to read too many war books like my friends (although Biggles Books were an exception for some reason) but I was allowed to read the bible - and so I remember reading through Samuel, Kings, Chronicles many times. I remember being in wonder of the battles that unfolded there, the ideas of Kings, Giants and Prophets. I remember getting a real sense of something of the power and mystery of God as I read. I guess it was something like The Lord of the Rings is for many young (and older) people today.

Its been an interesting experience coming back to these books now as a 31 year old. I realized today that I don't approach Scripture with as much wonderment as I did as a boy. Instead we're taught to come at it with a bag full of literary, historical and anthropological tools to analyze and critique. Of course as I do bring these tools to the text I am learning and growing in my understanding of faith, theology and God - but I wonder if we miss something of the wonder of it all. I don't imagine the original hearers of the text would have done much textual or historical analysis - perhaps we need to relearn the art of hearing stories and wondering again.



Those books are fantastic sources of stories. I've read several novels based on the stories in them.

I also remember reading Biggles and Gimlet. Fantastic war stories!

Tim » 21 March, 2004 12:55 AM

perhaps we need to relearn the art of hearing stories and wondering again

That's why I love The Message: makes Scripture fresh, and helps me to look at the words of Jesus with new wonder.

irene » 21 March, 2004 2:20 AM

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