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Everyday Spirituality Tour III

7 July, 2004 11:56 AM

I really enjoyed Living Room last night. We were a smaller group than normal with people overseas and interstate but it was still quality stuff. We did another Everyday Spirituality Tour of one of our core group's ('C2' -we have a number of 'C's') lives. (see here for the first one we did).

We had dinner at her place, then walked up the street to a cafe she regularly visits with friends. Then we jumped into her car and she took us on a tour of her life. We saw a centre that she volunteers at, her work place, the hospital she was born at, numerous houses of friends etc. We heard about her daily routine, the things she's passionate about, some of her growing up history, a little about her family and friends.

It was amazing the places that our conversation went as we put her on centre stage and asked questions of her life. We saw a whole different side of someone we've 'done church with' for a number of months now - it was really special.

I can't wait until the next one we do in a month's time.



That is such a great idea - the spiritaul tour of a person's life. I'd imagine you'd find out so much more about a person that would naturally crop up in conversation. Also a good way to really get to know a person reasonably well, failry quickly. Cool!

Baggas » 7 July, 2004 1:10 PM

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