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Evangelism Bill Gates style.

1 July, 2003 2:36 PM

J-Walk Blog has this fascinating post about how Microsoft has recently hired Robert Scoble as an Evangelist! Has Bill Gates seen the light and decided to spread the Good News?!?

J-Walk writes:

'Robert Scoble is a popular blogger, and he was recently hired by Microsoft as an "Evangelist." I put that term in quotes because I happen to think it's a ridiculous term -- not to mention a ridiculous job title.

The problem is, the word evangelist conjures up images of a sweaty, red-faced Southern Baptist preacher spouting off about sin and eternal damnation. But it seems that Microsoft is trying to change that image. To them, an evangelist is someone who attempts to get people to use a particular product -- at least that's what I think a Microsoft evangelist is.'



We're supposed to get paid for Evangelizing!

I need to have a long talk with my minister.

Mike S » 2 July, 2003 2:47 AM

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