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Emerging Church @ Whitley College

3 August, 2004 1:11 PM

I'm currently sitting in a class at Whitley College. Anne Wilkinson-Hayes is giving the first couple of sessions talking at the moment about the Pre-Chistendom Church.

This is the first time Whitley have run a whole semester's subject of 'Emerging Church' which is really exciting.



posting entries IN CLASS?

go to the bottom of the class and get in the corner!

The Other Darren » 3 August, 2004 1:30 PM

Good to sit with you at class. Have been seeking someone who has a desire to seek to find God in their own world. Thanks for all the info paricularity the web sites. I have a desire to experience celtic christianity and not follow the model which is more reflective. But to keep the wild emotional charged energy which is very well described in the book "The Celtic Way of Christianity" by Hunter. Look forward in travelling with you


Patrick » 4 August, 2004 9:29 PM

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