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Emerging Church Resonance

14 September, 2004 6:44 PM

The last few months I've seen an increased interest from a number of groups that are searching for information on and learning about Emerging Church. Today Kim and I from Forge had the privilege of sharing a session about our respective churches at a bible college that has a whole subject dedicated to 'Emerging Missional Church' this year. Last week I did a phone conference call with a class of pastors from another bible college. Its so fantastic to see people genuinely interested in what we're doing.

When we first started I'd had a few weird reactions to what we're trying with LivingRoom from other churchy types - I'm not sure if we were perceived at heretics, threats or just plain crazy - but as time is going on I'm finding more and more people resonating and comfortable with what we're doing. Of course there are still some who give a bit of a quizzical look or who ask questions that seem to be attached to iceberg like agendas (not much showing but loads under the surface) - but in general people are incredibly supportive and encouraging.

Interesting times.



yeah I think you might be right Steve - perhaps the idea of 'Emerging Church' might be losing some of its edge as it is explored by more and more people. This is kind of sad - however I wonder if it is also an opportunity for us to infect the wider church community with some of what we're learning and discovering about life, faith and church.

I guess the key thing is for us as individuals and communities to stay true to what we're seeing God do in our lives/groups and hope that that has an impact.

Darren Rowse » 15 September, 2004 12:23 PM

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