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Emerging Church Intensive

1 December, 2003 9:09 AM

Today I'm spending a day in Melbourne's eastern suburbs at an intensive for those exploring Emerging Church, Mission, Leadership etc.

I work voluntarily for an organization called Forge (webpage is a bit out of date) who put on three week long intensive (on different subjects) each year. These intensive make up the core teaching elements of a year long internship where students are placed in Missional contexts for a year to explore incarnational mission and new forms of church. It is an exciting program that I myself did two years ago.

This week's intensive is on Leadership and covers topics including:

- The DNA of Missional Church
- Images of Leadership: The Wounded Healer
- From Machine to Organism: New Images of Church & Mission
- From Discipleship to Leadership
- Prophetic Leadership
- The Innovator & Innovation
- Belonging before Believing: Creating Community as a Missional Activity
- Unlikely Images of the Church
- The Future in 3D
- If I could do it all again...

One of the best things about these intensives is that you get together with other people thinking similar things from all over the country. The first time I went I felt like I was coming home. Up to that point I felt like I might be a heretic or something - to find other people asking similar questions was amazing.

The other great thing about these weeks is the quality of the speakers. All are practitioners (no theoreticians are invited to speak) and all are top quality people from around Australia and the world.

If you're ever interested in flying out here for one of these intensives (or for the year long internship) let me know and I'll get you the information.



Hi Darren,
You're no heretic, but coming from a heretic like myself, that's probably no comfort. We have a similar thing here called the Emergent Conference. I'm hoping to attend in March. It will be held in San Diego, California. I've had it in my head and heart for some time that I should be a pastor, though I don't really know what that looks like. Even so, it's something that I'm exploring.

Karen Haluza » 1 December, 2003 4:46 PM

I'm interesting in taking class/being involved during this next year. Send me details?

jenn » 2 December, 2003 7:51 AM

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