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Emerging Church Gatherings

17 September, 2004 6:09 PM

Have been working today on the Liquid conference that a group of us are helping to run between 9-11 February next year.

It will be 3 days focussing upon giving insight and training across the three interconnected streams of Christian mission
- Engaging culture & community
- Spiritual formation & discipleship
- Compassionate living & social justice

'Liquid will help you create a holistic framework of faith that integrates your entire life.� At the one event you�ll be encouraged to go deeper in your personal relationship with Jesus, actively care for the poor, and connect with people from various cultures.� It�s about learning how the spiritual, social and culture streams can work together.'

This will be a great gathering that is being put on by a number of groups here in Melbourne including Forge Missional Training Network, Frontier Servants, Living Room, Northern Community Church of Christ, Scripture Union, Soul Survivor, Tabor College and TEAR.

Also running in February is an intensive week looking at themes of emerging church run by Forge. It would be a good few weeks to be in Melbourne if you're interested in a trip. Maybe some of your northern hemisphere readers could escape your winter for a few weeks of networking, learning and sun! Let me know if you want more information.



The reason that you seek an "emerging church" is because the reformation has left you with an impoverished and erronious view of the Church.
This happened because the Catholic Church muddied the message and abused Tradition to create a new thing that is foreign to ancient Christianity.
The Reformers reacted by creating a new religion that was neither correct nor historic nor apostolic. They almost joined the Orthodox Church after the death of Luther, and should have. I am a former Baptist and convert to Orthodoxy and invite all interested in Truth to check her out.

James » 18 September, 2004 11:28 AM

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