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Easter - Part Three

22 April, 2003 4:09 PM

It is Easter Sunday. A day of celebration yet we decided not to begin with Church but with creation and the great outdoors. St Kilda is bayside Melbourne. A beautiful clear day and the attraction beckons. Around the bay people are running and walking. Picnicking. Enjoying the company of family and friends. Laughter and relaxation. Good food along a packed Acland St. Spirited fun at Luna Park. The bay and the esplanade is splendid. For me images of the Kingdom abound. Testimony to the fact that God remains active in this world is self-evident. The vibe of St Kilda today was living life. Now I know this can be distorted and self-indulgent but if anyone on this earth should live and demonstrate a life of transformed celebration then it should be followers of Jesus. After all he modelled this zeal for friends, partying and others so perfectly. And what better day to be in a celebratory mood! So we did just that.

By night we visited a young adult service at St Hillary's. I think I was the oldest there and most were 16-25 years. Good folksy unpolished worship in song and role-play message. As far as Church goes it is clearly a pretty happening place. Good to reflect on the Resurrection. In the one breath I can say that I love the church and yet find it thoroughly exasperating. But my passion for communities of believers within all cultures is driven by a dream that one day the church, by whatever name we call it would reflect more of Christ and the Kingdom Now. How do we relate to existing churches if we are involved in incarnational work? I work with a overseas mission organisation and we encourage our workers who feel the need for whatever reason to attend a non-contextualised Church in the situation of their work among an unreached group to keep a cordial relationship with that church but not to take on any leadership role. Why? So as to stay focused on the task at hand. This is a discipline that is hard to keep and even more the case in Australia as we consider incarnational ministry and yet also can hear the voice of the existing church calling us to support what is already established and in many cases struggling.

Monday morning and we find ourselves 90 minutes down the coast watching the RipCurl Pro at Bells Beach. Sensational. Another day of creation and traces of Kingdom. Another subculture and serious tunes by Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, John Butler Trio, FooFighters and The Waifs. Easter 2003 - thanksgiving and M.I.L.K (moments of intimacy, love and kinship) intermixed with the ever-present challenge of mission and more than my share of chocolate.



i love that acronym m.i.l.k. it is very capturing. great to read what your up to

keck » 23 April, 2003 2:50 AM

Was getting a bit sick of waiting, but it was worth it. :)

Christop » 23 April, 2003 3:03 AM

Rob - you are a credit to the Kingdom. Love the vibe. What a great synopsis of the weekend - seeing God in the ordinary, his grace and beauty in his creation and M.I.L.King our experiences. What a different place the world would be if we all had a similar perspective of the seemingly plain. This breathing in of culture and experience gives a missional mindset - a view of life through Kingdom eyes.

I could add reflections for the shopping bit - the gorgeous chrissy (Robs wife) walks into a shop, not any shop, a designer shop. The owner knows her name! An indication of how often Chris goes in there but they know eachother, and connect with eachother over a shared appreciation of this lady's creative inspiration shining through her clothing, and also of the young, up-coming designers garments also sold through her store. There is a distinvtive sub-culture here, an alternative, creative group of mostly women who appreciate art! Expressed through clothing...why not! Keep heading in there Chris, get to know and understand the designer's world, and see God's creative kingdom incarnate! Anyway, thats just my opinion!

And Rob - re the vegie bar experience: 'you should open a shop'!

Nomes » 24 April, 2003 9:01 AM

Thanks Nomes. I had not thought of it like that in regards to the shopping. There are the big-brand stores and then there is a localised creative subculture expressing the creative through clothing. Good observation!

Rob » 24 April, 2003 11:24 AM

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