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DNA of Emerging Church

12 July, 2004 8:38 AM

There is a great interview of one of my mates, Mark Sayers, but another of my mates, Stephen Said, over at emergingchurch.info. Here is a snippet:

'One of the questions often asked with risky endeavor's such as the one you have described, is one pertaining to control. How do people learn and grow? How do people worship? how do you keep people doctrinally in the ballpark?

We centre everything we do around our DNA.


TEMPT. TEMPT is an acronym. T is for "Together we follow", E is for "Engagement with Scripture", M is for "Mission", P is for "Passion for Jesus", and the T is for "Transformation". TEMPT is our control. We find that it plays the same role as DNA does in the human body, it shapes our identity.

In practical terms?

For us it is the old wells and fences. Instead of building fences keeping people in, we try and build wells in which people will be drawn to gather around. Young adults are leaving the church in droves in Australia, so we find that people who come are drawn to our DNA. We don't really have to try and control them. The great things is, because we focus on DNA rather than creating programs, is that the congregation will often shock you and start missional and discipleship ventures off their own bat, that we would never have had the imagination to develop ourselves. For example, I discovered that during Australian Idol, one of the groups were inviting their non Christian friends to mingle and chat over a BBQ whilst they watched Australian Idol together. This led to a whole host of evangelical opportunities. They knew the M is for missional. The funny thing is, we as leaders were the last to hear about it.'

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