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Depression Blog

11 January, 2005 5:29 PM


I'm really pleased to announce a new blogging project that I've been working on for the past few days - Depression News - a blog that will report the latest news and information about the symptoms and treatment of Depression. It is still in beta form but is at a stage where I'm happy for people to start to use it.

Over the past 10 years in my work as a minister I have encountered many people who suffer from depression and have always had an interest in seeing them reach their potential in terms of health. In more recent years I have had more personal confrontations with depression and have always kept an eye on the latest news on treatment and studies into it. I am also passionate about advocating on behalf of those who suffer from depression or mental illness.

It seemed natural to extend this personal interest in the topic into a blog where others could benefit from my own research.

I have felt a growing urge within me in recent months to look for ways to extend my blogging in a direction where it not only is about making me money or satisfying the consumeristic urges of my readers to have the latest gadget - Depression News is one of the responses that I'm making and is an project that I hope to repeat many times over in the future as I develop my blogging.

Depression News is being hosted with the Tractor Loan collective and uses Word Press as its backbone. I am funding it (and hoping to raise a few dollars for a local mental health charity) using Google's Adsense and Amazon Affiliateship at present but am also open to other forms of sponsorship. The design is based upon one from Cre8d design but tweaked quite a bit in CSS by me.

I hope that you or someone that you know finds it a helpful resource. I'm open to it becoming a group blog if others wish to join in with some posting - at present it is focused more upon news and information but I would like to also add some personal stories. Just let me know if you'd like to get involved. Your comments suggestions on design and features are also welcome in comments below or via email.



Hi Darren, that sounds like an excellent idea, and a good source of information. As a trainiee counsellor, and having had some personal experience, I'm very interested.

I wonder about targets, as it feels as if the blog might be differently presented, depending on whether it is aimed at those suffering depression or those interested in depression. I wodner what your thoughts are on having it aimed at both.

I would be interested in being able to contribute, though I wouldn't be able to promise to post very regulary. I recognise that for the olympic blog, my bloggin total was very low. (thougn it didn't help that I hadn't realised I'd be on holiday for one week of it.)

My other question with joining, is whether you would expect unique content, or whether you would be happy to have stuff which was also posted on my blog - i'm wanting to develop mine in this way.

Be interested to hear your thoughts - great idea, great service.

I beleive depression is coming much more to fore we recognise mroe if what it is, and the difficulties around treatement, medication and counselling.

Steve » 12 January, 2005 12:41 AM

Have been shepherding for over 25 years. The depression problem is getting more complex - not mine!
Like to be part of this conversation.

Luke Chan » 12 January, 2005 4:56 PM

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