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Creative Worship - Mapping Influence

12 July, 2004 8:31 AM

I love Steve Taylor's entry on blessed to be a faithful witness. What a creative way to help people get a grasp of an important message.

'The theme of Sunday was blessed to be a faithful witness. The challenge is to move that head/heart knowledge to hands/feet/body action.

As part of the response, I "drew" a street map on the floor, using white tape to mark the main streets of the east side of our city.

People were given stars, and invited to place a star on the place in the city where they are blessed to be a witness. (This was mixed with communion and a song by Ben Harper, Blessed to be a witness, from his Diamonds in the Inside album.) It was an hands/feet/body way of praying.'

The idea is great - the pictures of the results very cool - and the description of how much people got into it are even better.



regarding your previous post on liturgy...

at TOLLS we'd find that a few of our "worship stations" and "symbols" became regular parts of our time and space together.

what happened was that over time some of these stations became a part of a semi-regular liturgy...

there'd be a fine line between doing steve's road map once and it becoming a part of a regular liturgical activity.

all i think you'd need to do is use that same idea about 3 times in a year as a regular response to where you'd been blessed to be a witness and you'd have a liturgical act.

you'd have the liturgy that you said you dont normally do...

The Other Darren » 12 July, 2004 11:07 AM

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