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Create a God

16 July, 2003 10:00 AM

'I know this is ridiculous.� There is no such thing as a Make-a-God kit.� But what if there were?� Religious skeptics claim that we make God in our own image.� Suppose it were possible to create a god to match our desires.� What kind of God would you make?' Let's add something here.� Is there anything you would change about God?

What an interesting question - found at King of the Leper Colony.



Humans have been inventing gods for as long as they have been around. It is no so much that we grant a god our strengths that is interesting so much as the earthly human weaknesses by which we constrain it.

We burden our gods with human frailties, such as anger, insecurity, neediness. Even love falls into this category, it is a purely human emotion and may not be at all god like. Even imposing a gender, ie he or she, is a limiting constraint.

When we create a god we provide others with a glimpse at the nature of ourselves.

chris » 16 July, 2003 2:24 PM

What a fantastic question! Hmmmmm, it seems to me that people are creating god in their own image all the time. What a dangerous trap!! That's why suffering, though it sucks when we are going through it, can be a good thing b/c it teaches us who REALLY is in control.

Rich » 17 July, 2003 8:04 AM

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