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Counter Cultural

4 February, 2004 9:55 PM

I really enjoyed Livingroom last night. We had three people there for the first time which was nice. They are all interested in joining us in our journey as ongoing members. We spent the first half of the night over dinner (a great Thai curry) getting to know each other and telling the story of the Livingroom so far. It was helpful for me to look back on where we�ve been and to try to put it into words.

After dinner we spent some time doing a Lectio Divina on Matthew 5:38-48.

I found the passage really challenging. Its always interesting to take a deeper look at a passage that you �think� you�re familiar with. Growing up in Sunday School you hear statements like �love your enemy� and �turn the other cheek� all the time.

Last night it struck me how counter cultural these words of Jesus were and are. We are constantly being told to look after self, to get ahead and to not let others walk all over us.

Two questions stood out to me last night:

�If you love only those who love you, what good is that?�

�If you are kind only to your friends how are you different from anyone else?�

The call is to go the extra mile � to step beyond the messages we hear each day. Its not something that you can do half heartedly.

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