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Corporate Evangelism - EC.info

5 August, 2004 5:58 PM

emergingchurch.info kindly posted one of my older reflections on corporate evangelism. Its something I still keep coming back to. I'm not sure how well we do it at LivingRoom but its something that seems to make sense in my twisted little mind.



Well, I can't speak for your mind (whether it's twisted or little) but this picture of how evangelism can work through the life of a community is how things work well, in my experience.

Back in my days in student Christian things, the kind of 'evangelism' our crew did best was in people we stumbled across, who had some nascent idea of faith and who just hung around on the periphery of the things we did. In many cases, relationships developed, and they were slowly brought into the web. (Or net.) It's natural, it works, and I think Jesus was keen on the idea (cf. John 13:35).

Greg Restall » 5 August, 2004 9:00 PM

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