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Conversations with God

26 May, 2003 9:43 AM

I was just going through some old files and stumbled upon this. I was speaking at a youth conference in 2001 and in the lead up was praying about what to speak about. Often when I pray I write (or type) my prayers down and then also write what I think God might be saying in response. I don't presume to say that 'this is what God told me' - but I'll post it and allow it to be what it may be for who it may be.

In preparation for State Youth Conference - 4 May 2001

What do you want for these young people Jesus? What word, what message, what thrust? If you could pick them up and put them wherever you desired or make them into the type of people you'd want, who and where would they be?

I already have done what you talk about. These people are already who I want them to be! I put them together in intricate detail to be as they are and not only that, they are already where I want them to be. They are in the schools, the families, the universities and the workplaces that I planned for them to be. They are in the relationships I want them to be in. I wouldn't transport them to another place or time, I want them here and now for a purpose. I desire for them to find me in the places they are — to thirst after me there — to interact with me there, to know me there and to join in the things that I am already doing there! I'm at work in their schools, their work places, their universities, their families and their friendship groups. Tell them to join me in that work. Challenge them to spot me — to know my heart for those places and people and to participate in the coming of my kingdom! Assure them that I created them as they are, in this era, in this place as an essential part of my plan.

Seek me and you will find me. Know that I am God, that I made you and I have plans for you. Join me in these plans, engage with me and together we will impact the places that you find yourselves, in ways you'd never have dreamed of. You are the ones for the job, you are in the place to do it and now is the time to get into it. I am with you — I love you — be with me.

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