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Contrasting Imagery - Isaiah 3-4

5 March, 2003 10:05 AM

2 chapters today - both filled with contrasting rich imagery.

Isaiah 3 is filled with anarchy and self centeredness. Children leaders, people taking advantage of one another, fighting, shortages of food and clothing, ruins, guilt, foul stenches, shame, ugliness and destruction are just some of the pictures.

Isaiah 4 is a more hopeful picture of the grace of God. It contains pictures of Shalom — of wholeness. I love this imagery — fruit, lushness, beauty, washing of filth, cleansing, shade, shelter from heat, hiding place from storms and rain.

The contrast between the two is stunning - the question in my mind is - which is more descriptive of the state of our world (and even the Church) today?

Lastly the image that leaves me pondering today is that in chapter 3 of God as 'the great prosecuting attorney - presenting his case against his people.' This is not a portrayal of God that I've ever seen before and has left me surprised. Why is it that we generally only talk about the biblical images of God that are not confronting? We hear about a nurturing, comforting, shepherding God on a weekly basis in most churches - but where is the confronting, judging and sometimes angry God of Isaiah?

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