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Computer Woes - Again

23 February, 2004 5:30 PM

Once again I'm having a few computer woes - perhaps its time I started thinking about a new one, seems I'm wearing my current little ibook out with the high amounts of use its been getting up keeping my blogs. It has done pretty well considering the hours I use it every week.

This time its just the ac adapter that has packed it in. Should be a few days to get it repaired (under warrantee). Til then I'll only be online in very short bursts (I've got 42% charge left - less than an hour I'd say).

Sorry for the lack of email/comments replies to people at the moment - will endeavor to catch up when I am back online as per normal.

Someone else might like to reply to Esther for me in the comments of this previous post - I was a little shocked by her words - not enough time to answer her properly (be kind friends).

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