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Compartmental Spirituality?

2 March, 2004 8:18 AM

'We have fallen into the temptation of separating ministry from spirituality, service from prayer.' Henri J. M. Nouwen - The Living Reminder

We can be so good at compartmentalizing our spirituality's. I find myself doing it on an individual level - I have days which I decide will be more 'spiritual' than others - when I'll go on retreat or set aside times for reflection and prayer and then other days when I decide to be more 'ministerial'. Of course there is nothing wrong with being intentional about these things, but I wonder as I read the gospels if it all should be more integrated?

We can fall into the same traps in Churches also. People specialize and can so easy be typecast in one aspect of the life of Church. They are on the prayer team, or the worship team, or the welcoming team, or the preaching roster - and there they will remain exclusively for life. Once again, there is nothing wrong with rosters or teams (they are a fact of life that any group over 10 -20 people need to survive), but I wonder if we limit people's potential to experience, know and serve God in a variety of ways if we stream them like this.

Just wondering, no answers here - just many questions this week. What do you think?



I think your title captures it, but I don't think that its a teams or roster issue. I think its about life. God wants our whole heart, our whole life. That includes our work, our family and other relationships, our thoughts... There isn't any part of life that shouldn't be integrated into our relationship with God. I don't think what team or whatever you are on interferes with this. We are just too easily seduced.

David » 2 March, 2004 3:25 PM

While I agree with David, I think you are not actually looking at what he says. It seems to me you are bothered by the fact that once we are put into a compartment, there we stay without an opportunity to experiment with something else or with opportunity to use other giftings.

At church I preach/teach, lead a cell which is rostered every few weeks for set up, greeting, clean up and which as the Arts based cell is also called on often for various needs, and I am also in charge of all catering/hospitality. If needed I can call on others to help. That's quite a wide range of activities.

We are by no means a large church althugh we ar growing. Most Sundays we have about 70.
Shalom, Jan

Jan » 3 March, 2004 3:10 PM

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