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Cleansing and Calling - Isaiah 6

7 March, 2003 1:47 PM

Interesting to see how closely connected Isaiah's 'Calling' was to his 'Cleansing' in Isaiah 6. He is forgiven and cleansed in one breath and in the next is given a calling. Almost seems a stark contrast to the way we work in church sometimes. A person almost has to prove their faith before they are given any responsibility or role in the church. I can understand why in one sense, however perhaps it would be better to take this approach. It reminds me of the approach of Jesus who in one breath calls his disciples into relationship with him with the words 'Come follow me' and who in the next breath calls them to action with the words 'and I will make you fishers of men'.

Often new Christians have a sense of wonder, energy and openness to sharing their faith — I wonder if we stifle the impact they could have by making them have a year of 'spiritual formation' before they are given opportunity to take up a role within the Church or do any sort of mission.

This chapter is also a great reminder at how linked our personal faith is to our calling or ministry. As a minister I'm always tempted to spend my time doing - but need to remember to continue to 'be' with God and allow the 'cleansing' and connection with God to take place.

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