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Church: R & D funding needed

30 April, 2003 1:18 PM

Karen's Post really moved me today as she reflected on the current state of the Church and the lack of committment of many mainline denominations to R & D. In part she writes:

we have basically lost any significant influence over my generation (x) and are well on our way to losing any significant influence over the younger generation (y), but nobody seems concerned enough to allocate a workable amount of 'r and d' (research and development) funds toward 'missional lab' churches that are at least attempting to bridge this huge gap. and so, the gap just widens and widens ... and after the boomers are gone, the gap will become a full fledged 'temporal rift'.if the church were a business, we would have gone under years ago, as corporations have significant budgets for 'r and d' to stay on game and incubate new ideas (as innovation and movement come from the edges and move slowly into the center (and not the other way round)).

Maybe there is someone out there who wants to invest in some R & D - I'm sure Karen would love to chat to you!

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