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Church Planting Lessons - Part C

12 February, 2004 12:57 AM

This is part C in the series of 'Lessons' I've been learning having being part of planting the Livingroom over the past year. Also read Part A, Part B, Part D, Part E and Part F.
4. Multiplication rather than Addition. So far this is only theory for us - we are yet to test it but I have seen other groups take the principles of multiplication and really have an impact. The principle is simple, rather than growing one large group by adding people to it one by one - start multiple new groups. When the initial group grows to around 12-15 (this is the number I'm thinking about for us - what number this is is up to each group and probably will depend on a number of factors) start to plan to start another group. I've seen this principle lived out in a couple of circumstances and the growth has been quite amazing. Neil Cole's organization in the US has started around 400 communities in 5 years this way. If you put multiplication into the DNA of groups at the beginning their growth can be quite virus like. (I've written previously on the power of Multiplication here.

5. Simplicity - Replica-table (is that a word?) - in order for a virus to spread - the organism has to be pretty simple and easy to replicate in a variety of different cultures. By replicate I'm not talking about cloning but rather taking the DNA and allowing something new to emerge elsewhere.

For us - our DNA (our 3 Core Journeys) is pretty basic, but has the scope to express itself quite differently in different groups of people. For instance if our next cluster/community is birthed among caf´┐Ż goers it will express itself quite differently to if we started a cluster among artists, or families meeting in homes etc. We've tried to keep things as simple as we can - not only in DNA but in gatherings etc. Renovare is also a great tool that helps with this - again it can be run in a variety of different groups very effectively effectively.



Nice. It will help me in my ministry as I am involve with musim ministry and wish to plant a church for the new belivers.

Daly Halder » 2 July, 2004 3:34 AM

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