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Church Planting Lessons - Part A

10 February, 2004 11:49 AM

Rich in a recent email wrote 'I would REALLY like to get your insights some time about starting and maintaining a home church. For example, what resources have you found to be particularly useful?'

I ended up writing quite a long email back to Rich with 10 'lessons' I've learnt over the last 12 months of starting the Livingroom. I found thinking through the process quite helpful, so thought I'd share what I wrote (with a few extra reflections) in a series here over the next week or so. Here is 'lesson' number 1 on DNA.

Hi Rich, I'm not sure I'm really overly qualified to answer the question as we're only 11 months in and I guess the jury is still out on what we are doing and how sustainable it will be. I like to think that we'll survive and even thrive this year, but you never know. What we're doing is pretty fragile.

My 'insights' are pretty random and chaotic at the moment - but let me share some of what comes to mind.

1. DNA - Getting some sort of DNA/Core Values etc together has been really important for us. I would recommend that any group starting out take their time on working through this stuff as it is foundational. I've seen a number of new churches fall over because this was not done - it was assumed that everyone was on the same page, but when the time came to make important decisions there was a whole heap of different expectations on what the group existed for. For us this process centred around story telling - I think you will find descriptions of some of the process on the blog back in March sometime (here is one exercise we did using Timelines).

Thats the first of 10 'lessons' - I'm interested in hearing others reflections and lessons as we go - feel free to add your own experiences below.

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