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Christians Only Social Networking

29 March, 2006 1:40 PM

I've just seen one of the more bizarre blogging tools out there - Xianz is it's name and it's promoting itself as 'MySpace for Christians'.

It's an invitation only social networking and blogging tool which at a first glance seems to me like a site with a real 'holy huddle' kind of mentality.

While I do see the importance of spaces for Christians to gather and interact with each other I do worry when such places become exclusive and loose their fuzziness.

Forgive me if I'm wrong - but I tend to remember someone saying something like 'Go into all the World....' rather than 'run away from it'.

Rather than dragging Christians out of places like MySpace (I'm not a massive fan myself - although I did start a page a couple of weeks ago) I wonder what would happen if we all decided to become actively involved in the community there.

The last thing most Christians that I know need is another place to go and hang out with Christians. Instead I think we need to step outside of our comfort zones and actually learn to speak the language of and engage with the world that we're called to 'go' to.

Maybe I'm just not getting it (perhaps partly because a lot of their areas seem to be 'members only' area) but it doesn't really work for me (quite literally as looking at one of the pages on it just crashed my browser).

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I am so with you on this one. I started out blogging to share my faith. My first blog title was www.believengod.com, but I've since evolved into www.paulaswalk.com I hosted our church's first Internet Evangelism Day last Sunday at our church. I've realized the best way to reach people is by example and not preaching. I've made my site more friendly to non-believers. Christian bloggers can reach hurting people by building relationships first.

God Bless You,
Yours In Christ,

Paula » 11 May, 2006 4:25 AM

It is so ironic that I came accross this small article because I was searching for a "christian Myspace". However, I came across Xianz and some other sites of similar content and I thought to my self, "what is going to keep these people from staying active in christ" and how is it so very different from myspace.The only way to keep a website totally christian proof is by taking away the freedom of the users which will eventually, if not instantly, force users to leave. I left myspace various months ago because i found myself backsliding from God and whenever i did talk about God I felt like only a few or none listened to me....well i'm totally with the points that you have made because your right--Us as christians are meant to venture out and bring christ to the world...not just gather around eachother and tell one another something we all heard and know about....Thanx for writing this article..it is definite confirmation for me.


Brina » 30 June, 2006 7:17 AM

I think you all miss the point. I don't think any site has the power or would even suggest that you never visit other sites. The point is, you have the choice and there may be times that Christian company is exactly what you need. Just because you go to church every Sunday to meet and have fellowship with other Christians doesn't mean that you are forsaking the great commission. To suggest you are somehow doing the same because you have joined a Christian website is ludicrous. Once again, I see your post as further evidence of Christians shooting one another in the foot. There are many positives to these sites for many people, and while it may not be your cup of tea (as you say mySpace wasn't either), maybe you should look at the positive more and encourage thoe who put the effort in to provide such places....even if they aren't heaven on earth.

Simon » 5 August, 2006 12:48 PM

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