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Centering Prayer

3 February, 2004 1:23 PM

Notes from a Truth Seeker - Centering Prayer, Severely Messed With is a great description of the method of 'Centering Prayer'.

Rachelle describes it really well and it seems quite similar to some of the ways I go about prayer. Here is a bit I like:

'I once took a course on prayer with Eugene Peterson. When he came to our small group, I told him that I thought my prayers were just worrying in front of God. (I had read something by Richard Foster which indicated this was a no-no so I was�.worried.) Eugene�s face did this wonderful thing where all of his skin instantaneously gathers upwards towards his temples in an all encompassing smile. Then he said, �Worrying in front of God. I like that. Well, that�s just fine. Just. Fine. But one thing you can also do is ask what the Trinity is already doing for the people you are worrying over. Ask what the three of them are cooking up and see if you can get in on it.� That is a big phrase for Eugene �get in on it.� He�s always encouraging us to pay attention to stories, ours and God�s, and make sure we�re aware of how we�re in on it. Anyway, he suggested I get an icon, Rublev�s , of the Trinity sitting around a table to help me visualize that already on-going conversation of God regarding all those I�m pray-worrying over. So I did.'

Thanks Rachelle.



thanks for sharing that Darren! and introducing me to a cool new blog!

nile » 3 February, 2004 11:49 PM

Darren Thanks! I really want to make sure that I'm involved in what the Trinity has already going on.

David » 4 February, 2004 2:48 AM

Please be careful to use God's real name, not to God by the un-biblical name of 'Trinity'. The bible never ever mentions 'the Trinity'. This is how satan can affect other people... by slightly changing what you said into what someone else hears... and in this way your message is lost. Call God by His name so that everyone hearing/reading in the future knows exactly who you are talking about - then your message can never be corrupted by the enemy. YOU know who you are talking about, but will anyone else?

Mark Wilson » 4 February, 2004 9:56 AM

I found these wonderful articles on Prayer, on Bible Study, and on Holiness by that great Anglican bishop of two centuries ago, John Charles Ryle, over at the http://www.torontochristianbooks.com site. Well, well worth reading!

Here's the linking quote from their index page:

"We also warmly recommend these superb writings, "Holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord." by John Charles Ryle, "Bible Reading" by John Charles Ryle, and "A Call To Prayer" by John Charles Ryle, to our readers. You'll find a selection of J.C. Ryle's books below them, on the same pages. They make for some of the most profitable, edifying, encouraging and uplifting Christian books available, and are classics which have stood the test of time!"

Peter Atkinson » 15 March, 2004 5:50 AM

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