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Beer Quilt

18 July, 2003 5:50 PM

Steve has decided to come up with his own digital quilt (taking inspiration from Rachel's growing effort.

Steves is a little different though. He writes:

"Send me the name or image of your favourite beer and your best beer story."

I already left my story there - but here is a picture of ONE (I reckon I could come up with my own quilt if I put my mind to it) of my favourite beers - James Boags Premium.

The Fair Dinkum 51st State!

18 July, 2003 9:37 AM

I almost chocked on my cereal when I read this.

AUSTRALIA has been urged to seriously consider becoming the 51st state of the US.

And American-born historian Dr David Mosler told a Brisbane audience yesterday there was a 20 per cent chance of Australia becoming an American state in the next 50 years.



14 July, 2003 10:14 AM

I just did a couple of surveys that I found via Mike's

Firstly I found I'm in the Idealism & Autonomy quadrant.

It found my fundamental motivations and values are:
* Personal Control
* Rejection of Authority
* Global Consciousness
* Adaptability to Complexity
* Flexible Families

And my Key Characteristics are:
* Self-reliant and in control of their own destiny
* Idealistic and open-minded
* Rejecting out-dated norms and institutions

The other survey found me to belong to the tribe of the New Aquarian.

* It says that we make up 5% of the population (well in Canada we do) and 14% of GenXers.

* Our fundamental motivations are social justice and experience-seeking.

Our Key values are:
* Adaptability
* Concern for the less fortunate
* Concern for the environment
* Respect for education
* Contempt for traditional authorities
* Hedonism

Our icons include:
* Singer Sarah McLachlan
* Author Naomi Klein
* Singer/activist Jello Biafra
* Rap-metal group Rage Against the Machine
* Author/activist John Zerzan
* Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar

Surveys can be found here.

Anti mosquito phone

10 July, 2003 9:18 AM

The latest news from Geek News Central is that a South Korean Telco is offering a download for mobile phones that makes handsets emit a high frequency sound wave that is supposed to repel mosquitos.

Hmmm....I wonder if they could offer other kinds of downloads to repel other things?

Here are a few of my suggested downloads:

- Tele marketers
- Door to door salespeople
- Collingwood supporters
- Nigerian email scams

Any other suggestions?

Nuns Seek to Copyright Mother Teresa's Name

10 July, 2003 9:18 AM

'The order of nuns founded by Mother Teresa seeks to copyright her name in a bid to stop other organizations -- from banks to business schools -- trying to cash in on the Nobel peace laureate's image worldwide. 'We are seeking legal protection for the use of our logo, and also want such protection for the name of Mother Teresa and that of the Missionaries of Charity' Sister Nirmala, the head of the order, said in a statement.'

Bathroom Humor

10 July, 2003 9:17 AM

Its been a week since I posted anything that could be classified as toilet humor....(I'm trying to pace myself) - here's a whole site dedicated to it. While you're there make sure you do their Bathroom Survey. Check out the results at the end....there are some disturbing results!



8 July, 2003 4:46 PM

There has been a lot of discussion on my blog run about Metro-sexuals. Male heterosexuals who are very image conscious - dress well, live well etc.

Just saw an article entitled The Lure of Data: Is It Addictive? and wonder if a couple of my friends might be Data Addicts....or maybe we could call them Techno-Sexuals.... you know who you are!

41,000 Stats

8 July, 2003 12:13 AM

Ever wondered how many Russian Orthadox believers there are in your state? What about how many Aquarian Spiritualist centres there are in your area? is the place for you. is a growing collection of over 41,000 adherent statistics and religious geography citations -- references to published membership/adherent statistics and congregation statistics for over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc.


Give us a Sign God!

5 July, 2003 9:48 PM

Have you ever asked God for a sign? Be careful what you ask for.

A congregation in the United States was left stunned when lightning struck the church moments after a visiting preacher asked God for a sign.

Fart Free Education

4 July, 2003 11:30 AM

I couldn't help myself when I saw this article about a school in China who has banned farting in school! If a student is caught they are fined! My school would have been rolling cash if it'd instituted a fine system like this!

Happy Toilets

3 July, 2003 11:10 AM

The Restroom Association of Singapore has just launched the 'Happy Toilet' campaign where they rate toilets with the ultimate five star rating called 'Superloo'!

"We spend almost three years of our lives on the toilet. It's natural and it's normal, so let's learn to say: 'Wow! That's a great toilet!'"

(can you see a theme emerging in some of my posts of late?? hmmm)

Referring to Living Room

1 July, 2003 10:12 PM

I was perusing my referrer statistics this afternoon and was interested to see that the majority of my hits of late have come from search engine searches. This is a big change as in the past I rarely had any at all. I guess the longer I blog the more data there is for the engines to point people to. Weird what people search for are some of today's search terms that led people here:

- New Zealand methane cow tax
- big tin shed
- introverts
- pagitt blog
- buddhist nun
- strange street sine's
- start a new life
- how to grow a beard
- spat on
- italian livingroom
- brennan manning
- porn convention

Evangelism Bill Gates style.

1 July, 2003 2:36 PM

J-Walk Blog has this fascinating post about how Microsoft has recently hired Robert Scoble as an Evangelist! Has Bill Gates seen the light and decided to spread the Good News?!?

J-Walk writes:

'Robert Scoble is a popular blogger, and he was recently hired by Microsoft as an "Evangelist." I put that term in quotes because I happen to think it's a ridiculous term -- not to mention a ridiculous job title.

The problem is, the word evangelist conjures up images of a sweaty, red-faced Southern Baptist preacher spouting off about sin and eternal damnation. But it seems that Microsoft is trying to change that image. To them, an evangelist is someone who attempts to get people to use a particular product -- at least that's what I think a Microsoft evangelist is.'

Silent Movies

30 June, 2003 11:29 PM

Here's an interesting article which makes the observation that while more people are going to the movies than ever before, they're talking about them less than ever before.

Its an interesting observation - not sure if I agree or not. I've been toying with the idea of starting a 'Movie Club' (similar to a Book Club, which is the latest rage here in Aus) where people come and watch a movie and then have some discussion about it over a meal or coffee. Maybe I need to rethink!

Harry Potter and the Copyright Lawyer

30 June, 2003 11:20 PM

J.K Rowling looks like she might be taking legal action against people writing Harry Potter like books. Lucky I've never thought of doing anything like that.

High Score

27 June, 2003 12:04 PM

Just stumbled on this stress relief tool. My best if 1407 so now 1412....1529

Liberal Spiritual Side

26 June, 2003 4:16 PM

Have had a few new (to me) blogs linking me up lately. Thanks if you are one of them. I'm attempting to update my blogroll (alhtough its getting a little out of control.

One that caught my eye was from Pete who encourages his readers to check this blog out with the following description:

'Living Room. A most excellent Christian blog, with a lean towards the more liberal spiritual side of things.'

Thankyou for the link and encouragement Pete. Its interesting to see different people's ideas on where I stand on the theological spectrum. I'd never really seen myself as Liberal before (I've actually tried to avoid labelling myself with such words previously) - of late I've had the 'liberal' word attributed to me quite a bit - its got me wondering how I come across on this blog and where such labels might be coming from? Interested in people's thoughts?

National Society of American Homophobes and Islamophobes

22 June, 2003 8:17 PM

I'm unsure whether to post this or not as I think it was written purely to cause a bunfight however this Post disturbs me - (but what's new!?) - Pieter has posted that he is the "Founder/Charter member of the National Society of American Homophobes and Islamophobes."

In comments he says he fears the actions of militant homosexuals and believes that terrorism is the logical result of being a Muslim.

I'm shocked that someone claiming to follow Christ, who ate (and therefore entered into relationships) with sinners and outcasts could make a statement which will only ever put a barrier between him and people who are already ostracized enough by the church.

I don't remember Jesus starting a taxcollecteraphobe or a romancenturianaphobe society. I saw him connect with these people with respect and the intention of building relationships.

Are we not called to engage with people on the fringe of society? How will starting a club for homophobes and Islamophobes help us in our disciple making call?

UPDATE: Peiter has withdrawn his latest post saying it was just 'tounge in cheek'. As Regan says in comments as Christians we should consider the type of 'jokes' we make - especially on the net where our words can be misinterpreted and do more damage than they get 'laughs'.

UPDATE II: Not so sure he's sorry about the post unfortunately as his very next one seems to be heading on the same theme. "What would happen if Spiderman converted to Islam?"

Here's a question - "What would happen if rather than asking questions that will only provoke anger, disrespect and the breakdown of relationships - people asking such questions actually decided to build relationships with and love Muslim people for who they are?"

Flatulence Tax

21 June, 2003 12:46 AM

Check out this amazing article on a subject close to my heart. The crux of the article is that New Zealand's government is considering passing a Livestock....flatulence tax in a bid to reduce New Zealand's contribution to global warming. This is because livestock accounts for about half of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions.

Sheep will be levied at 9c each and cows at up to 72c under the Government's proposals which should raise $8.4million per year.

I think its not a bad idea - but I have a better one. Rather than letting all that gas loose on our environment where it will do untold damage, perhaps we should harness it and use it for good rather than evil!

I therefore propose that we should attach little flatulence catchers to the rear ends of every sheep and cow on the globe. (we could start with New Zealand cause they are so keen on cashing in on the gas) Farmers would go out into the fields every night at the end of a days work and collect the methane filled bags to come back to a central flatulence processor where the gas could be refined and then piped to a central location to be sold to run cars, make electricity and keep gas ovens going!

Opportunities to tap into the human market would also exist. One study I read a few years back said that the average person farted 14 times per day. (I'd say that is a conservative estimate....not from personal experience of course!) That's 5,110 times a year or 383,250 times in a 75 year life time.

Therefore at the current world population of 6.3billion people we're farting at a rate of 88.2billion farts a day!

Ok - this is gross - its silly - but imagine...just imagine if we could harness it and use it for good!? Maybe I should scrap my children's book ideas and go into the lucrative fart catching business!

Yes it would be a little fiddley, but there would be many benefits.

1. The gas would not be released into the atmosphere and thereby cut down greenhouse emissions considerably.

2. It would be a revenue raiser for individuals and especially farmers world wide.

3. It would mean other non-renewable resources would last a lot longer.

There could be some downsides to it too however.

The biggest of these would be that it could cause war to be launched on countries like New Zealand and Australia which have such high levels of flatulence making livestock. However as an Aussie I propose we work on a strategy for defending our resource by lighting the gas coming out of our cattle at the first sign of a foreign country attacking.

Ok - this needs a group approach. Are there any others out there that would like to put your heads together to think through the logistics of the operation???


13 June, 2003 10:21 PM

Today there are a whole heap of people suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia


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