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The Perfect Blog Post?

20 October, 2003 8:00 PM

Saw a post over at The Lingering Lemon of Death that totally captivated me by incorporating three of my greatest loves.

Coffee - Photography - Philosophical Thought

GodBlog Awards

18 October, 2003 11:38 AM

Superblessed is holding his annual Christian Blogger awards and has been kind enough to include Living Room in his list. Thanks Ganns. If only he'd have a category for 'ability to post on topics ranging from farting to spiritual formation in the space of an hour'. I think I'd be competitive in that one!

His list is packed with quality links - a lot that I've never heard of before - which says to me that the 'GodBlog' Community is getting bigger and bigger. Check some of them out - there is enough to keep you going for quite some time.

It Works

16 October, 2003 9:34 PM

He Noticed.

Thanks all for the comments and emails letting me know you're thinking about my family at the moment - it means a lot to know people are praying for us - please pray for my parents and their siblings especially as they are going through what I went through yesterday on a daily basis.

Blogging Crushes Revealed

16 October, 2003 12:24 PM

Thanks for the overwhelming response to my call for your 'Blogging Crushes'. It reminds me of July's Underblog Campaign.

Ok here are the results. I should have asked for URLs as well as names of blogs - some I've tracked down, others I havn't. If you could leave URLs in comments I'll add them to make them live links.

Remember what we're doing here is trying make connections with people. Its not about climbing the blog ladder, but introducing people to bloggers they admire the work of. If you know one of the people who is admired - be a go between between the crushee and the crusher (hmm...bad terminology). Help make some connections.

Bene started the ball rolling by revealing an admiration for Real Live Preacher

Beth likes Wendy Cooper.

Phil has a crush on Leslie Harpold, The Happy Tutor and Rageboy.

Barry likes James Lileks.

David Trigueros likes LivingRoom...awww shucks....Rudy and Josh.

Christop had one on Broken Hammock and was successful in making the connection. There is hope!!

Irene (who I think is a mighty fine blogger) admires some of the pomo bloggers including Jordon Cooper, Ballad of a Thin Man/Tall Skinny Kiwi and Signposts

Josh talked about Jordon Cooper too.

Denise thinks Josh is pretty good (he just keeps coming up) and also mentions Parading His Greatness and 7 Day Holy which both look like quality blogs.

Missy likes anyone who responds and interacts with her (this was a very common theme) and mentioned some examples of people who have as being Bene Jon, Kevin, Jen, Rachel

Stacy also likes interactive bloggers who take notice of their readers and mentions Clarity amidst Chaos and Josh special.

Clarence is smitten with Real Live Preacher and The World According to Chuck.

Alice (who I've been reading a lot lately) thinks Richard is great and also likes Rachel, and Bene and yours truly.

Luke is looking for someone to have a crush on him. I sort of do, but then he doesn't quite fit the criteria as we know each other quite well! But if you're looking for someone to have a blog crush on I'd recommend him and will do the introductions!

Mike just loves it when someone goes to the effort of leaving a comment on his blog.

Rich likes Gavin Again and Tall Skinny Kiwi.

So there you have it - installment one of blog crushes. Hope you have some fun clicking through some of those. If nothing else I've found a few new blogs through the process - there is some real quality in the list, including those who have crushes.

I'm happy to do a second installment if you want to leave more crushes here (please leave URLs as well as names of blogs).

Remember - can you help connections for people????

Blogging Crushes

14 October, 2003 9:00 AM

Have you ever had a 'crush' on another blogger? I don't mean a romantic crush where you feel butterflies every time your news aggregator tells you they've posted and where you dream of walking into cyber sunsets holding their virtual hands.

I mean has there ever been a blogger that you've admired from a far (purely as a blogger), that you'd like to get into dialogue with - perhaps even get on their blog roll? You love their style of writing, their witty off the cuff remarks, their blog design or their ability to influence so many readers. What ever it is, you like their style and you think you could be good blogging buddies, yet that you don't know how to approach them?

You've thought about strategies to get them to notice you but so far no good. You've tried leaving comments on their site or have sent them an email or two - but nothing. You've referred to them incessantly on your blog hoping they check their Technorati referrers or will notice your referrals in their stats but it all seem to no avail. You've posted on topics that you think will interest them but THEY JUST DON'T SEEM TO CARE!!!

Errr.... ok.... you know this is all just a hypothetical post.... I'm not talking out of personal experience here or anything....really I'm not.

I just thought it might be fun to share our blogging crushes - get them out of our systems - it might be theraputic. Maybe we could even help each other out in making contact with the ones we admire from a far!?

When we were kids and we had a crush our approach was often to ask our best friend, to ask someone else, to ask someone else to ask the person we had the crush on if they liked us. (Well thats the way if worked at my primary school)

I wonder if it would work if we adopt a similar strategy here?

Post in comments the blog or blogs (up to three) that you have or have had a blogging crush on. Give us a reason if you'd like. I'll post your comments in the main blog in a day or two. If you know the person on the receiving end of the crush (or even if you don't) perhaps you could let them know that you know someone who 'has a crush on them' and arrange a virtual introduction. I'm not proposing a way to climb the 'blogging ladder' here - but rather its about making connections.

You never know - we might see some new blogging buddies emerge...or at the very least we might find some good new blogs.

Or maybe I've had one too many coffees this morning.

Let me start by revealing one of my crushes - for a long time I've been reading They Blinked. I don't exactly know why, I just feel at home there on my morning blog rounds. There is a certain gritty, earthy, humorous quality to it all and I guess I often feel I come away from it feeling a little different to when I started reading. (Dan is currently drawing attention to the predicament of his brothers fiancee who is struggling to be with his brother at present.

Ok, I've bared all - your turn.

Open Mike

13 October, 2003 10:33 AM

mike.jpgOne of my favorite blogs has an Open Mike most Thursdays when his normal posting is light. Today I'm trying to get my head into the books for some study so thought I'd let you do the posting.

Leave a comment on any topic. Introduce yourself, tell us what you're posting on today (free plug), what you're reading, what you think about some world event, what you had for breakfast, tell your favorite joke, gloat about your football teams win (no all blacks comments please :-) )share a poem, do a jig ...whatever you want. Enjoy - but be good!

Rugby World Cup Blogs

13 October, 2003 10:30 AM

Here is an interesting blog for those of us following the Rugby World Cup complete with reviews from most of the games and a whole heap of interesting links.

Martin Roth also is posting about it - although I'm not sure I can trust him now I've found out he's got a dual New Zealand and Australian passport!

Also check out Rugby Blog and

If you find more - let me know and I'll add them.

Added Ads

8 October, 2003 12:18 PM

Some of you will have noticed that I've added some text advertisements to this blog today. To be honest its purely to help supplement the cost of running the blog and to help develop a proper Living Room info site.

If you'd like to support me in this way and you see an ad that interests you just click on it. If you're dead against the idea feel free to ignore them and to voice your opinion here.

I'll attempt to make them a little more subtle and unobtrusive in the next few days. Suggestions, comments and critiques welcome.

More Blog Stats

6 October, 2003 6:42 PM

Another Blogging Survey's results are in. Some of the findings include:

* 4.12 million blogs in existence using the following blog clients: Blog-City, BlogSpot, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Pitas, TypePad, Weblogger and Xanga.

* 66.0% of blogs haven't been updated for at least 2 months. (thats 2.72 million abandoned blogs out of the above total)

* 1.09 million were one day blogs only with only posts on their first day

* Males are more likely to abandon blogs. Those writing long posts (on average) were less likely to abandon their blogs.

* The average active blog is updated once every 14 days.

* 92.4% of blogs were created by those under 30 years of age.

* 56% of blogs were created by females.

* Projected estimates see 5 million blogs by the end of 2003 and 10 million by the end of 2004.

Hmmm - so the average blog was started by a teenage girl, its likely to have been abandoned, probably only ever written in once. If she updates it, its probably only once a fortnight. But have no fear, there will be twice as many of them in just 15 months time.


Church Blogs

6 October, 2003 12:34 PM

At Bloggercon Buzz Machine comments briefly on the benefits of Church Blogs. He talks about how one benefit is that it will get the church listed on Google which is good for publicity. I have to admit that we've had a number of church hunters find us through search engines but I'm wondering if there are other benefits also of a Church operating a blog.

I've looked at quite a few such blogs over the past 6 months - some are communal blogs where Ministry Teams do the blogging, others are open for all church members to participate in, others are run by just one minister/leader/member.

I guess the benefits will vary between churches - for some they are about building community, for others its about teaching, others seem to be more focused upon promoting upcoming events or programs, some seem to be more interested in connecting with other like-minded churches around the globe and for others its about thinking through issues of theology, ecclesiology, doctrine or faith in an open discussion kind of way.

Of course with all good things there are usually flip sides. As I peruse some church blogs I sometimes wonder if they are more about grandstanding than they are about genuine community. Some seem to promote individuals more than they do God or the Church itself. Other dangers include miscommunication (which is so often a part of communication online) and gossip.

What benefits and dangers do you see in Churches having blogs?

iblog, ublog weallblog

30 September, 2003 3:24 PM

I wonder what the future of blogging is now that really big boys and girls are entering the blog service provider market. With Google taking over Blogger, Apple releasing iblog and Microsoft reportedly getting ready to release one too. Imagine if they start bundling blog applications with new PCs and Macs - the mind boggles (see I resisted saying 'bloggles'!) at the potential size of the blogging community. I wonder if its rise in popularlity will actually be responsible for it choking to death?

Are You a Blogaholic?

30 September, 2003 9:18 AM

Take the quiz (there had to be one!)

I got a score of 56 out of 100. (phew)

You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!

Statistically Speaking

29 September, 2003 1:57 PM

Occasionally when I've got a spare bit of time on my hand I like to enter into my web-hosting statistics package to see what is happening behind my blog. I've always been a bit of a sucker for stats and research and am always interested to see which posts people are reading and how they end up at LivingRoom.

Its been a while since I've checked - there are a few new patterns emerging since January.

Firstly I've noticed that more and more people are surfing in from search engines than previously. I guess the longer your blog is around the higher its ranking on the engines. Of course Google is the highest referrer with 57% of the total, followed by Yahoo.

Secondly I've noticed that a lot more people seem to be using news aggregators, around 40% of total referrals (not including search engines) are coming from aggregators with the biggest by far being Radio. I guess its worth having xml and rss feeds after all. (not that I completely understand it still!)

Popular Posts: I also was a little discouraged by the posts that seem to be being hit the most by search engines. You spend all this time focussing your energies on writing articles about ways forward for the Church, issues of faith etc and then you look at your top ten entry pages:

1. Gary Kotter and the Theologians Drone
2. Hillsong (lately there has been a lot!)
3. Ethos, Pathos, Logos....Blogos
4. Flatulence Tax
5. The day my face stopped working
6. America's Best Christian Paintball Park
7. Moon Walk a FAKE?
8. Inflatable Church
9. Watch me Grow my Beard
10. Brennan Manning Interview

(closely followed by - Examen Explained, Gender Blogging and Lectio Divina)

I guess it could have been worse - I guess thats what happens when you get flashes of hyperactivity.

Search Engine Key words/phrases: In addition to searches on the above I continue to get daily hits from people searching for 'living room designs', also a considerable amount looking for 'punk hairstyles' (I have no idea why), quite a few people looking for information on 'bells palsy' and my fair share of people looking for 'Melbourne Nudie Bars'.

Country of origin of readers: 1. Australia, 2. US, 3. New Zealand, 4. Canada, 5. United Kingdom, 6. Belgium, 7. Malaysia, 8. Netherlands, 9. South Africa and 10. Philippines.

On average Thursdays and Fridays see more traffic than other days and between 2-4pm and 2-3am (Aussie time) seems to be when most people log in.

So after all the analysis is done I'm none the wiser really. None of it really matters - I guess I'll just keep on keeping on.

Attention Grabbers

26 September, 2003 9:54 AM

Two posts caught my attention yesterday in others blogs.

Firstly Steve Taylor asks the question. Can Christians be too biblical?

To use the Bible all the time is, ironically, not Biblical. Not fully following in the way of Jesus.

Secondly Mike Bishop talks about the question....How Big Is Your Church?.

i hate that question too....its like when we were kids....mines bigger than yours....hmmm.....I'm talking hamburgers of course.

seriously I guess we need to find another method of measuring 'success' - numbers still seems to be what it all comes back to...


24 September, 2003 9:42 AM

I want to thank you my readers for your wonderful support of me, this blog and my ministry. Some days I get a little overwhelmed by life - today is one of them. However to log into the blog this morning and to see a couple of really worthwhile discussions happening in recent posts means a lot to me.

Some days I feel I have more questions than I do answers - I love that I have found a place to ask them and find others going out of their way to join with me in my discovery and learning. Not only that, your wisdom and experience is teaching me heaps.

Thanks for your comments - and a special congratulations to Jer Olson for leaving the 1400th to comment here since I switched over to MT! I really should think of a prize for such momentous achievements!

BlogRoll Updates

22 September, 2003 5:06 PM

I just updated my blogroll. I'm a little unsure how to keep it under control. (how do others make their mind up who to link to?) I took a few off that havn't been updating or that have dropped off the blogosphere and added a few new ones too including:

Home South :: Mootblog :: Stinky Convoluted Past (the boys have been updating again...occassionally) :: Le Sabot Post-Moderne (who I've been reading for a while now) :: Ballad of a Thin Man (Tall Skinny Kiwi's new blog).

I realise there are alot more blogs out there that have been kind enough to link to me and whom I reguarly read - however if I included everyone it would be completely out of control - maybe I need to find another way to acknowledge everyone that I read. Has anyone seen a better way to do this?

Divorce, email and blogging

11 August, 2003 4:49 PM

The last day or so there have been a few technical difficulties with this blog - sorry for that - it was server problems. I havn't been able to blog and others havn't been able to comment, hopefully we're straight again. Its quite a strange not being able to blog when its normally just at your fingertips.

I wonder what a week without blogging would be like!? I just read this article about how a recent survey has found that 'A week without e-mail is more traumatic than moving house or getting divorced' for many techies! I don't think I'm that bad - but I guess we'll see while I'm travelling next week and blogging is likely to be a little more scarce!

Update: some problems are still persisting with the blog - sorry about the lack of commenting facilities at the moment...working on it.

Emerging Church: Common Threads?

7 August, 2003 11:43 PM

I'm a little confused and perplexed.

'Emerging Church' is something that an increasing amount of people are talking about here in Melbourne and around the globe. I've heard it referred to in countless seminars, a myriad of blogs, many books and in conversation after conversation. However the more I talk and listen to people around the globe on the topic the more I wonder if we're all talking about the same thing?

Over the past few months I'd communicated with people claiming to be part of ECs that are doing such diverse stuff! WARNING - the next paragraph is VERY MESSY!

There are those who focus heavily upon Alt Worship, others who sing Hillsong, some are 'house churches' of hundreds of people who meet in local schools whilst others are 'house churches' of a handful of people that meet in...well...houses. Some use liturgy, others focus upon ancient worship ritual, others explore the creative arts and/or multimedia. Some teach through group discussions and active group learning whilst others retain the traditional sermon. Some have blogs and websites where as others reject cyberspace as a valid or valuable medium. Some meet in pubs and cafes, others in parks, some operate out of guitar schools or micro businesses, some in century old church buildings. Some are formally linked to mainstream denominations, others are part of loosely networked EC movements while others remain completely independent from all other communities of faith. Some are very focused upon issues of justice and mission whilst others see prayer as their central calling. Some look very post-modern whilst others remain quite 'modern' in appearance. Some are multicultural, others remain intentionally monocultural or focus on particular subcultures. Some emerging churches have taken a multi congregational approach, others are experimenting with cell church, others are interested in planting small multiplying independent communities and then there are others who are congregations operating within larger mainline churches. Some are very small and intend to stay so while others have thousands of members.

The diversity of what happens in the Emerging Church both excites me (the more variety the better in my mind as it will open up more opportunities to connect with our world) - yet it also leaves me a little concerned and perplexed.

On one hand I'm happy to live in the above mixed up messy looking Global movement. Yet part of me sometimes wonders if there is a place to try to make some sense of it and identify the patterns.

For instance when it comes to training leaders - do we need to identify some common themes in what is emerging in order to equip those who will facilitate the movement?

What are the common threads that link us as 'Emerging Churches'?


7 August, 2003 8:51 AM

Le Sabot Post-Moderne has moved domains unexpectedly.

Blogger Chat Session.

31 July, 2003 9:06 PM

Tomorrow morning (8.30am Melbourne time - see here for international times) is our next blogger chat. If you want to be a part of it message me ( - msn ID) and I'll invite you to the group.

Last time we had around 12 people involved - its fun, hope to see you there.

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