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Secret Santa is Go Go Go

15 December, 2003 8:06 PM

gift.jpgWell its 10 days til Christmas (here in Australia it is anyway) and that means the Secret Santa Blogger cut off date has come and gone.

I just sent out 23 emails notifying our Secret Santas of the blogger they need to give some sort of gift to. It is going to be interesting to see how and if this works. Perhaps people can blog about what they receive - might be fun?

If you signed up but didn't get an email from me please let me know - I hope I got it all right. Enjoy and give, give, give.

Emerging Ecclesiology

12 December, 2003 11:02 PM

Emerging Ecclesiology (previously called 'What is the the Emerging Church' ) is a blog I just stumbled over again. I've been there before but spent a bit more time there today. Its worth a look.

Its written by Anna Aven who describes herself as follows:

'I am a follower of the Man who walked the shores of Galilee and called ordinary people to come, follow him. I walk the shores of Los Angeles and reflect on what that call means in my context. I am the director of the junior high ministry at a non-denominational church in Los Angeles. I recently graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary with a MA in Youth, Family and Culture.'

Blogging Definitions

12 December, 2003 7:30 AM

Don't you dread the 'so what do you do' question sometimes?

Try explaining planting a new form of church like Living Room and working for a mission training network to people. Its hard enough with Christians, let alone non churched people (although I think some of them get it a lot better than my church buddies).

Then when you've weirded them out with that they try to get on 'safe' ground and ask what you do in your spare time. Introducing and trying to explain the concept of blogging at this point has the potential to totally kill the conversation and ostracize you from the person and their friends.

Luckily someone has written the helpful 20 Definitions of Blogging article. Surely there is a definition there that won't weird people out too much.

I like number 13 - 'A way to think and write in short paragraphs instead of a long essay'

How would you define it?

'Holy Huddle' Blogging

11 December, 2003 11:09 AM

Bene has just posted the last post in a series on god-blog demographics.

The latest post was on blog rolls.

Bene did some specific study into how males and females linked. After studying 100 blogrolls these are some of the findings:

- Technically oriented bloggers and US male pundit blogs were least likely to - link up outside their immediate sphere of interest.
- Linking outside their faith group: 100% of females, 65% of males
- Linking to international blogs: 90% of females, 55% of males
- Linking to the opposite sex: 100% of females, 64% of males

I find some of those results quite interesting. Especially that so many males have no links to female, international or secular bloggers at all - that is quite staggering. To me that seems a very insular and closed off way to go about blogging! I know that in the god blogosphere that its a fact that US males make up most of the numbers (and therefore are likely to be on more blogrolls - for eg on mine 63% are male, 24% female and 13% are group/unknown) but Bene's figures are quite staggering in that such a large percentage have no links to non US, Christian, Males. Here are some initial reactions/challenges:

1. We're living in a 'global village' - if you only link to bloggers from your own country you're missing so much of the bigger picture. Enrich your experience of life by finding out what life is like on the other side of the globe somewhere! Get with the times.

2. Jesus called us to engage with our world in mission. Ok - most of this probably should happen in the 'real world' in our daily face to face interactions with those we meet - but I would love to see it extend to our online interactions with people. If all we do is hang out in our 'holy huddles' do we run the risk of isolating ourselves from those we are actually called to draw to God. I don't have heaps of secular blogs in my blogroll - but have been intentional lately with changing this and have found myself with some great emerging relationships with some great people around the globe from different backgrounds. It also helps to give me a more well rounded world view.

3. 26% of 'god-blogs' are (or were) written by females. I would have hoped this would be reflected in our blog rolls. Once again I challenge my fellow god bloggers to get with the times and link up. There are some incredibly talented female bloggers out there. Don't link to them just to be politically correct - but to learn from, build relationship and interact with them just like you would any other blogger.

Ok - so I'm a bit fired up about this one. The reason I feel passionately about it is that I feel that we limit our potential as bloggers if we remain closed off, inwardly focused and don't acknowledge all of our community.

Interested in what others think...

The Boy is Back in Town

11 December, 2003 10:31 AM

He's Back!


8 December, 2003 10:46 PM

Martin Roth emailed me this afternoon to let me know he'd written something about me so I went on over there. I almost fell off my chair when I got to the second last paragraph!

I've never thought about myself or my blogging in those terms before - I'm not quite sure how to take the compliment except to say thanks Martin. I'm not sure I live up to such a title but it has me wondering...

Who would you nominate as a cybermonk? (as distinct from a r cyber monkEY). Maybe we could compile a list?

By the Way - we're up to 23 Secret Santas so far - does anyone else want to sign up? Please let others that you think might enjoy being involved know. The cut off date is 15th December.

Blogging in person

7 December, 2003 11:03 AM

I had a similar experience to Signposts this week. It was filled with face to face encounters with Bloggers (of the New Zealand kind). As I previously posted we had Rachel and Regan stay with us most of the week (hence Rachel's now empty front page of her blog - ie she's on holidays) and then on Friday I caught up with Steve Taylor and his family for a beer down Brunswick St.

The week was filled with Kiwi accents, seeing my city through the eyes of a tourist, conversations about church and blogging and the furthering of friendships. It was a fun week.

Secret Santa Blogger

5 December, 2003 12:14 PM

gift.jpgDo you ever participate in the secret exchange of gifts at Christmas time where everyone has to get something for someone else but no one knows who is buying for who? Here in Australia we call it Criscringle in other places its called 'Secret Santa'.

I was wondering if any bloggers want to do one this year? Of course it would be 'virtual presents' and we'll set some ground rules - but it could be fun and you might 'meet' a blogger you've never met before.

There are similar things out there but most of them require you to purchase a present and send it physically.

Anyone interested? I'll coordinate it. Here is how it will work.

* Sign Up - Bloggers wanting to participate will leave a comment or shoot me an email saying they are willing to participate by a set date - they need to submit their email and blog address.

* Notification - At that date I will send everyone an email notifying them of the person they are to give a 'virtual gift' to. There will be a time limit (ie should happen before Christmas). Each participant will be a gift giver and a gift receiver.

* Give a gift/s - Gifts should be anonymous. Its not about promoting your blog but about the other blogger.

* Gifts might include:
- anonymous encouraging comments/emails to the blogger.
- sending virtual cards or flowers
- making a donation to charity in the persons name
- writing a blog review/link/poem etc about their blog and ask another blogger to publish it on your behalf (ie to keep it anonymous)
- contribute to their paypal (or some other way of giving a small physical gift).

* Be Creative - The presents are limited only by your imagination. Be as creative as you like, but keep it anonymous if you can. Enlist the help of other bloggers in your giving if you'd like. Give more than one gift if you have the time and creativity - but do at least something and sign it from their 'secret santa'.

Anyone want to do it? Please indicate if you want to be included clearly in comments below (and leave your email and blog address!) or via email. Feel free to make suggestions on gifts also. We'll make the cut off date 10 days before Christmas (December 15th) if we get enough responses. All are welcome to participate - Please spread the news because the more who do this the more fun its going to be!

Blog of the Week - Stranger in a Strange Land

5 December, 2003 9:15 AM

I'm not going to make a habit of having a 'blog of the week' - but I have been really appreciating Stranger in a Strange Land lately.

It is written by Ellen who lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She grew up in Ohio but has lived in many places and speaks a number of languages.

This is how she describes herself:

'I am on staff with InterVarsity, seconded to the Bosnian evangelical student ministry EUS, which is affiliated with the IFES.

I teach English, run a library, speak Bosnian, observe culture, participate in culture, think theologically, lead worship, serve the nationals, and drink coffee (but only socially).

I am passionate about lots of things: books, music, God, reconciliation, peace, languages, spiritual formation, liturgy...

Ellen has been blogging at 'Strangers' since April 2002 and blogs about everything from Bosnian culture, to Movies, to Faith to general Life stuff.

Ellen recently blogged about being robbed and is currently doing some Advent Reflections (which she is willing to send out via email).

Can I encourage you to stop by Ellens blog and check it out - its well worth the read and. Also keep her in your prayers.

Blog Ranking

4 December, 2003 12:38 PM

Bene has a good post into blog ranking systems - especially in GodBlog circles. The comments section is a wonderful collection of thoughts and ideas on the topic. Check it out.

Blog Suvey Results

4 December, 2003 12:00 PM

Blog Search Engine have some interesting Blog Survey Results here.

Here is a few of their stats:

- 52.8% of those surveyed post every day. With a further 33.6% updating 2-4 times a week.
- 47% blog from home only where as 48.2% blog at both home and work.
- 13.4% of bloggers run paid advertising on their blog
- 52.3% of those surveyed use Google's Blogger platform to run their blog

There is much more at Blog Search Engine have some interesting the results page.

The results are interesting - although we need to keep in mind the type of person that would be willing to fill in such a survey. You're probably more likely to get your hardcore blogger (hence the updating daily result) than your occasional blogger to respond to a survey on blogging. Having said that its a useful and interesting study.

Sorry - We've been having hosting issues.

4 December, 2003 10:39 AM

Sorry to those who have had trouble accessing this site lately during the wee hours of the morning (Australian time) but our host has been having some issues every night or two. Hang in there with us - we're working on it. It seems to only go down for two hours at a time so keep trying.

Christian Computing

4 December, 2003 10:38 AM

Just found a new blog - Christian Computing which has been kind enough to link up to some of the things I've written of late. It looks interesting - check it out.

Join me in my Quest II

3 December, 2003 9:38 AM

After announcing my Quest to get Tall Skinny Kiwi and GinkWorld to change my domain in their blog rolls I was inundated with fellow bloggers happy to join my merry band of revolutionaries.

Jon Reid and Alan Creech especially caught a hold of the vision for updated blogrolls by leaving comments here at Andrew's blog. Thanks guys - it seems you've succeeded as Andrew (a blogging and EC legend) yesterday graciously updated the link!

So we are halfway to fulfilling the quest at hand. Now we just need to focus our energies on GinkWorld. Lucas of 'My Four Walls Fame (great blog worth checking out!) has started a spam campaign to get the link changed (he also needs his link changed there...the quest grows) - Kevin from Sakamuyo (another brilliant blog) hosts Ginkworld and is threatening to shut it down - but perhaps we need a three pronged attack!

Anyone got any ideas?

UPDATE: Ginkworld kindly changed the link - thanks to all who participated in 'the quest'. That was fun.

Open Mike - Blogger Technical Difficulties

2 December, 2003 11:01 PM

It looks like Blogger is having technical difficulties today as many of my favorite blogs seem to be out of action. I know this can be frustrating so if you are one of these bloggers feel free to post something here on my blog in comments. You can copy and paste it into your own later if you want.

Others are welcome to post also on any topic that takes your fancy.


30 November, 2003 10:20 PM

I'd like to inform readers that this blog contains a number of advertisements that generate a small amount of income to go towards running costs of this blog. I am also an Amazon Associate. Items purchased after clicking a link on this site generate a small commission to go towards the running costs of this blog. Thank you for your readership and support.

Join me in my Quest!!!

30 November, 2003 2:53 PM

I would like to share with you a personal hurt that has caused me much pain and yet which spurs me on in a fight for truth, justice and the blogging way! I want to invite you to journey with me in my quest.

Nine months ago I changed the domain of this blog. Since that time many fellow bloggers have changed their blogroll listing to reflect this change.

Two have resisted the change. Perhaps it is because they prefer the blogger that I once was - I do not know. I've emailed both and left comments where possible on their sites to no avail - still my old blogspot address remains!

After many nights of tossing and turning due to the stress of this I feel it is time to step things up and begin a campaign to get them to change their links!

I will not rest until it is done - I shall leave no stone unturned in my quest. I'd like to call together a small band of faithful blog purists to join me in my pursuit. Be warned it may not be easy - these two against whom we toil do not seem to respond to the normal methods of persuasion - they stand firm in these times of change. It may take time, unconventional methods and even personal sacrifice to meet our goal to get Tall Skinny Kiwi and GinkWorld to change their links?

Will you join me my friends? Only the strongest and bravest need apply.

Update: SUCCESS...well in part. Tall Skinny Kiwi kindly changed his link after Alan Creech threatened him with an Aussie invasion in comments. Thanks Alan. Just one to go now.

Posting Blog Stats

28 November, 2003 11:26 PM

Richard Hall is wondering about why people post about their blog statistics. It seems it was my 1st blog day post that got him wondering. I've questioned the same thing too over the last 12 months and ummed and ahhhed over if I should do it....

I left my comments on why I did at his blog - Interested in your thoughts. Leave them over at Richard's place.

1st Blog Day

27 November, 2003 10:21 AM

Today is the anniversary of my first post at the Living Room blog.

My first words were 'The Living Room lives!'

Since that time I've posted 795 reflections and had 3106 comments.

Posts have covered everything from Living Room Developments to the War in Iraq to the Moon Walk being a fake to Beer to our overseas trip to ancient forms of prayer likeExamen and Lectio to my visit to a local Mosque to Blog Stats to stories about exclusion in church to Underbloggers to Mudcake Spirituality to Fart and Toilet humor to Models of Holistic Spirituality to Blog Tips to Emerging Church to blog crushes to a virtual tour of Melbourne.

In that time I've also start a second blog on Digital Photography and have begun planning a third - stay tuned for more info.

LRsts.gifFor some reason despite the variety in my posting readership has steadily climbed (and recently ballooned) over the past 12 months. I'm really enjoying the process of 'meeting' more people. I feel like I've gotten to know a number of those who come here really well lately and value the friendships that are emerging. Thank you to everyone who stops by here from time to time - I value the time you take to take a peek at my world and love the way we are able to interact with one another in this format.

Blogging for me is many things. It started off as an outlet for me to think out loud about my hopes and dreams for the birthing of a little community of faith. Since then it has become many other things. It is a hobby, its a way of connecting with others on similar journeys, it is a way of learning about the world I live in, it has been a spiritual discipline, it gives me a place to get feedback on my ideas, it is a creative outlet, it is a record keeping devise for ideas and experiences and it has been a way to keep my supporters informed of what's happening for me.

It has been a fun 12 months - I'm looking forward to reaching 24!

King of the Blogs

27 November, 2003 9:38 AM

I've noticed this King of the Blogs competition was going on a little while back but didn't really look at the competitors too carefully. Today Adrian emailed to let me know about the comp and I realized I knew most of the six competitors blogs already.

Its an interesting idea. I'd been toying with the idea of a 'Blogger Idol' Competition at some stage (like the TV show but with bloggers) but have never gotten around to it yet. Could be fun.

Anyway, check out the competition at King of the Blogs.

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