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Fellow Aussie blogger

10 February, 2003 2:05 PM

Malcolm has succumbed to the blogging pressure and has started what promises to be a fine blog. He's another Aussie - a good thinker - a church planter...but then...I'll let him do the talking. Welcome to the blogisphere mate. Go check him out at the Missional Position

Blogeagram Update 3 - Reflections

10 February, 2003 1:57 PM

Its been 6 days since I first posted about the Enneagram test. Since that time I've had 41 or so people send me their results of the same test - their results were posted here.

A few people have asked when I'm going to do a follow up post on my reflections upon these results. I'm a little hesitant to spend too much time on it because I'm always a bit dubious about such surveys accuracy and value - however let me share briefly my reactions. I'll do so by going through the list in order of how they were ranked.
Please forgive me for my gross generalizations, assumptions etc - I do not intend to cause offense....and I'm no expert in this....

TYPE 4 - INDIVIDUALIST - 9 BLOGGERS - I was interested to find that there seem to be alot of people out there with similar personalities to me! (this of course might be explained in a variety of maybe all your other Individualists seem to be attracted to other likeminded people. (although it sort of goes against the grain of our personality type!)) Maybe blogging is attractive to us because it brings us the attention and feelings of uniqueness that we desire, gives us an avenue to express our creativity and individualness - or maybe its that we tend to be a little introspective at times and find it difficult to relate to people in 'real life'.....its got me thinking I admit.

TYPE 7 - ENTHUSIAST - 7 BLOGGERS - I guess this makes some sense - to be a regular good blogger does mean some dedication and enthusiasm. Also the hyperactivity mentioned in the profile could be a good thing! At least some of the bloggers listed in this section seem to fit the bill of being highly productive, with lots of energy and very enthusiastic about their blogs and their lives!

TYPE 1 - REFORMER - 6 BLOGGERS - This makes sense to me as well because Reformers tend to have strongly held ideas and blogging is the ideal place for them to be expressed. I've noticed that many blogs that I read are rational, well thought out and well argued (something I find I cannot do) - this fits with this personality type.

TYPE 5 - INVESTIGATOR - 6 BLOGGERS - Blogging is obviously an outlet for this type of personality. So much of blogging is about researching what others are saying - finding that insightful article - analyzing it and then responding. A good blogger has the knack of knowing where to find that statistic and has the ability to keep their eye on many blogs and other sources at once and still keep some perspective.

TYPE 2 - HELPER - 5 BLOGGERS - I don't need to say much more than go look at the description of this one and you'll see this evident in the bloggers listed underneath it. I've found the blogging community to be filled with such people, more than willing to help me out as I've started blogging and as I enter into the Living Room project. The support has been marvelous. I would have predicted that this personality type would have been more highly represented - perhaps it was the 2nd highest for many of you. I guess blogging gives an outlet for such people to make a difference in other peoples lives!

TYPE 9 - PEACEMAKERS - 5 BLOGGERS - Again I've noticed this trait in many other bloggers. In the midst of some of the heavy discussions of late there have been a number of bloggers that have stood in 'no mans land' and have attempted to bring reason and grace to the debate. Thank goodness this group is well represented - I can't imagine blogging sustaining any sense of community without them.

TYPE 6 - LOYALIST - 3 BLOGGERS - It surprised me a little about this group having less than 10% representation as I've felt a number of bloggers reaching out for relationship and connection. However I wonder whether MAYBE as blogging can be at times a bit of an impersonal thing (not fact to face) whether such people are actually more out in the 'real world' (don't like that term) building relationships more so with people face to face. I don't know...interested in peoples perspective.

TYPE 8 - CHALLENGER - 2 BLOGGERS - Again surprised by this ones small representation. I look at the two people who are listed in this section as fitting the bill quite nicely. (hope that doesn't offend you Bene or Phil) I think the church needs this type of person to stir the pot and make us think about how we do things. Often we ostracize such people rather than appreciate them (sometimes their views are too hard to hear...but necessary) - if we push them to the outer too much we may never address some of the issues that we face and this will be to our detriment.

TYPE 3 - ACHIEVER - 2 BLOGGERS - Why are there only two? Strange - maybe some of us have it as a 2nd or 3rd preference (this is the weakness of my analysis - too complicated to take it all into account accurately). Or maybe, just maybe, the achievers are too busy achieving to be blogging much about it. I guess at times blogging can be a very reflective process, sometimes passive even and the achiever may be frustrated by such practices...

We have every personality type covered in this sample of the blogging community. Obvious I know - but I guess I find this some what satisfying and reassuring that bloggers are not all just the same type of people feeding off one another in some sicko sort of fashion. Phew... It also backs up the experience I've had the past few months of blogging - as I get to know this virtual community I've been stunned by the variety of people that make it up. Diversity of opinion, interests, ideas, style, skills and now...personality types. To me it tells me something about our God who reflects all these things also.

so there are some of my thoughts on it (interested in yours...) - again, let not take it too seriously - in many ways its a bit of fun and shouldn't distract us from the tasks at hand. As Alan once said on someone's comments page...."Oh well, let's go change the world!!!"

UPDATE - people keep sending me their type - so I'll keep updating the stats/ranking as they come in. For a full breakdown of who says they are what see this previous post

dropping like flies

10 February, 2003 7:55 AM

Sadly another quality blogger has hung up his keyboard - thanks for sharing your journey Josh.

Blogging News

8 February, 2003 2:12 PM

Check out this brand new blog!!! Its called Signposts and its written by two good friends - Phil and Dan. They are from Melbourne and are also leading a new form of church at Northern Community Church of Christ. They are really good value and I'm sure there will be some good blogging coming out of SIGNPOSTS! (can you tell I'm excited?)

Great South Blog Hunt Continued

7 February, 2003 8:15 PM

Another Christian blogger from Australia is Dave .

Blogeagram Update 2

7 February, 2003 10:53 AM

Things were getting messy down there in the previous post - so I thought I'd repost the results so we can keep track of who we all are a little more easily. You will notice besides some peoples names are '?' - this is for those who are borderline between two or more types. (or they might be just plain confused!!)

REFORMERS - TYPE 1 - The potential for moderation, conscience, maturity, self-discipline, and delayed gratification. Negatively, the potential for rigid self-control, impersonal perfectionism, judgmentalism, and self-righteousness.
Avoiding Evil

HELPERS - TYPE 2 - The potential for other-directedness, thoughtfulness for others, genuine self-sacrifice, generosity, and nurturance. Negatively, the potential for intrusiveness, possessiveness, manipulation, and self-deception.

ACHIEVERS - TYPE 3 - The potential for ambition, self-improvement, personal excellence, professional competence, self-assurance, and social self-distinction. Negatively, the potential for pragmatic calculation, arrogant narcissism, the exploitation of others, and hostility.

INDIVIDUALISTS - TYPE 4 - The potential for intuition, artistic creativity, sensitivity, individualism, self-expression, and self-revelation. Negatively, the potential for self-absorption, self-consciousness, self-doubt, self-inhibition, and depression.
Darren - me
I took the Red Pill

INVESTIGATORS - TYPE 5 - The potential for curiosity, perceptiveness, the acquisition of knowledge, inventive originality, and technical expertise. Negatively, the potential for speculative theorizing, emotional detachment, eccentricity, social isolation, and mental projections.
The Barrister

LOYALISTS - TYPE 6 - The potential for emotional bonding with others, group identification, sociability, industriousness, loyalty to others, and commitment to larger efforts. Negatively, the potential for dependency, ambivalence, rebelliousness, anxiety, and inferiority feelings.

ENTHUSIASTS - TYPE 7 - The potential for enthusiasm, productivity, achievement, skill acquisition, and the desire for change and variety. Negatively, the potential for hyperactivity, superficiality, impulsiveness, excessiveness, and escapism.

CHALLENGERS - TYPE 8 - The potential for self-confidence, self-determination, self-reliance, magnanimity, and the ability to take personal initiative. Negatively, the potential for domination of others, crude insensitivity, combativeness, and ruthlessness.

PEACEMAKERS - TYPE 9 - The potential for emotional stability, acceptance, unself-consciousness, emotional and physical endurance, and creating harmony with others. Negatively, the potential for passivity, disengaged emotions and attention, neglectfulness, and mental dissociation.

To be included in these results (of this cutting edge research!!!!) do the free short test here and let me know how you came out in my comments (which seem to be sort of working again....or email me your results to make sure I get them.

Small Ritual

6 February, 2003 3:00 PM

Steve at Small Ritual has started blogging here.


6 February, 2003 8:00 AM

It seems most of my comments disappeared last night. Two implications of this
1. If you left a comment in the past 24 hours on any topic you may want to post it again
2. Does anyone have any ideas on a more reliable comment service?

Blogeagram Update

5 February, 2003 4:02 PM

Some of you have done the Enneagram Personality Test (see post a couple below) - thought it might be interested to post the results so far - I was wondering if bloggers were a predominate far its spread alittle, although the INVESTIGATORS and REFORMERS are in the lead.

Mike is an INVESTIGATOR (type 5), so is Jadan and Laura, Paul is a PEACEMAKER (type 9), SedNobis is a REFORMER (type 1) as is Avoiding Evil, Beth came out as an ENTHUSIAST (type 7) and I was an INDIVIDUALIST (type 4). We are missing some for a full set - do the test here, let me know what you came out as...Do the free short test here.

UPDATE exciting newsBoynton is also an INDIVIDUALIST. Phew, I'm not alone. Bene is a CHALLENGER (type 8). Michael might be a PEACEMAKER (9) but then again maybe he's a HELPER (2). Richard was very helpful in providing us with his results - a HELPER (2). Ian is an Enthusiast (7). I took the Red Pill is an INDIVIDUALIST (4).

UPDATE 2 Tony is a HELPER (2), Jan is anothere INVESTIGATOR (common theme emerging) (5) although she was a REFORMER (1) the other day.....and Rich is another INDIVIDUALIST (4), Jen is a LOYALIST (6) and Rachel came out as a borderline INDIVIDUALIST (4). Christopher is a borderline ACHIEVER (3), LOYALIST (6) and PEACEMAKER (9)

I'm going to have to collate all these....


4 February, 2003 10:40 AM

I keep bumping into people who've been doing some study on the Enneagram personality type indicator. I've always been facinated with it and have done a couple of the tests and even read a book or two on it. Every time I look into it I've come out with the same result. I"m a type 4 "Individualist" some call it - others call it the "Artist". Here's a free short test if you want to work out what type you might be...

free enneagram test

The thing I like the Enneagram over others is that it gives you areas to work on. It tells you how you are at your best and at your worst - but also gives hints at the types of people you should try to be around and how they will influence you. I've found it to be a very helpful tool. They say if as you read the descriptions of the different types that if you cringe at one - there's a good chance it could be yours....the following makes me literally squirm....

Here is the first paragraph description of my Type -

The introspective, romantic type. Fours are self-aware, sensitive, and reserved. They are emotionally honest, creative, and personal, but can also be moody and self-conscious. Withholding themselves from others due to feeling vulnerable and defective, they can also feel disdainful and exempt from ordinary ways of living. They typically have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity. At their Best: Profoundly creative, expressing the personal and the universal, possibly in a work of art. Inspired, self-renewing and regenerating: able to transform all their experiences into something valuable: self-creative.

At their worst....well I'll let you read the description at the site....I'd squirm too much...What type are you??? I wonder if us bloggers all are a certain type of person??? Would be interesting to do some analysis of the type of person bloggers are - and what type of blogs the different bloggers produce!

Catch you soon Jordon

3 February, 2003 4:52 PM

Jordon Cooper looks like he's reinventing. Good luck with it mate.

UPDATE - and he's back with a more refined and refocused version. Glad to have you back Jordon!


31 January, 2003 8:25 AM

Well with a couple of hours to spare I've managed to get most of my images safely hosted with a new host. Thanks so much Cameron for your generosity!!! I've now got to work back through my archives and get all the links updated which will be a bit of a process. The main page is updated I think so hardly anyone will notice...unless you like to delve into my historical records.


27 January, 2003 8:29 AM

Just found out yesterday that my blog is about to be without IMAGES! As you can probably tell - they are a fairly essential part of my site - but my free image host just told me they are going to a paid service.

Question - does anyone have any ideas on what one should do? Are there any free image hosting services out there that let you post the images on another site for free? Most won't allow this. If you have any ideals let me know asap as I only have a couple of days maximum to arrange it. Thanks

great southern blog hunt

21 January, 2003 11:23 AM

Found another one - this time from way out west in Perth - its called Another Brazilian in Oz - not alot of English, but we don't discriminate against that!

UPDATE - another Aussie (Sydney) blogger that I've stumbled upon is Cade. Check him out.

African Reflections

21 January, 2003 9:34 AM

Jason is home after a trip to Africa and his first blog reflecting on it from home is a great one.

He writes "those of us that call ourselves "Christian" must turn our eyes toward heaven and beg His forgiveness. I have looked into the eyes of the have-nots and have seen the souls of our very own brothers and sisters in Christ neglected while you benefit from the wealth of a human nation. And while we have been "blessed" by this nation the Kingdom blesses them, not you, with great treasures. Their smiles, their laughter carry more joy than most of you have ever known... maybe it is we, after all, who are the have-nots." Read the rest

Also I responded to a great post by Mike Todd over at the Stinky blog.

Hanoi Blogging

17 January, 2003 11:36 AM

Steve is blogging from Hanoi about his meeting with a senior exec of the World Bank here.

Great South Blog Hunt Update

13 January, 2003 8:35 AM

Two more Southern blogs to add to the list previously published. Firstly is Dave's Revenge of Mr Dumpling. Dave is a 20Something ( remember when I was one of them....) from Horsham Victoria - Australia. The second is another New Zealand blogger Life is Beautiful.

The Great South Blog Hunt - Round 1

12 January, 2003 9:48 AM

The challenge was simple: to find as many Christian bloggers South of the equator as possible. Blogs4God issued me with the challenge so I put the call out and the hunt began. What followed was a frenzy of surfing, searching, emails and sorting. The first round of results in the �Great Southern Blog Hunt� are in. (Results also found at Blogs4God)

Australia has some great quality bogging happening in Melbourne with Stinky Convoluted Past, Flutterings of a flutterby kel, Breathing Space, Martin Roth Christian Commentary, Philbo Baggins Blogger, Anthony Rae and Living Room.

Ballarat is well represented by Christops.

Sydney and its surrounds has a growing clan of bloggers including, Shalom, Village Space, AlyshaJane, HippoCampusExtensions, Thinking out Loud, Web Therapy,
Doreen Downunder
and Toongabbie Anglican.

Down South in Tasmania Mike's Journal is holding the fort for the state.

Across the Tasman in New Zealand some fine blogging specimens which are making a name for themselves globally. In Auckland cre8d :: journal, Chicafa and Emergent Downunder are the pioneers and in Cambridge a new cluster is forming with Prodigal, The Beach and Bridges.

To this point I've not seen a lot of action in Brazil with only Random Variables being located. Likewise in South Africa we were only able to track down one Christian blog in Page Count. I am sure there are more in these parts of the world and look forward to listing them in round two of the hunt.(just let me know of them)

Others bloggers are busily at work just north of the equator and deserve a mention. In Japan Fat Blue Man and Emeth Hesed Smith are hard at work. Malaysia is represented by Tube Screamer and Musings and Misadventures of IreneQ. Also in SE Asia in the Philippines is Mere Madness and How Now Brown Pau. Lastly in Bangkok Thialand is Tishbyte.

Blogging is growing in the Christian community Down Under. Please check out and support some of these excellent blogs and begin to stretch your networks in a southerly direction. Some of these blogs are very new, others are put together by young Christians - all could do with some support and knowledge that they are not alone in their part of the world.

I am keen to make contact with any other southern hemisphere Christian blogs so if you own or know of one get in touch through his blog LivingRoom . Apologies to anyone who was missed in this first list (another will follow in time) and for any mistakes in location and poor geography. Again � notify me if any of your details are listed wrongly!

Let the hunt continue.

Bits and Pieces

9 January, 2003 1:04 PM

Refined the Southern Blogisphere list of bloggers today. It will be posted on the weekend. Managed to find 32 blogs so with a couple more possibly to add between now and then. Let me know if you know any more!

Doing alot of admin at the moment. Finishing up in my role here at DCCC means having to get alot of things planned for the rest of the year. Taking over some of my role is a new youth minister who will be great value. The rest of the role is to be taken on by volunteers which means I have to get alot of the year ahead planned so they can run with it without having to dedicate every waking hour to it! Its hard to plan so far in advance some times.

I'm also trying to rustle up articles for Phuture (got some good people writing some stuff as we speak) and keep conversations going with people interested in hearing more about the LivingRoom plant. I'm also taking the photos at two friends wedding tomorrow evening and am getting a little nervous about the responsibility of capturing their big day. Have done it plenty of times before, but it is a bit daunting when its friends! I feel a little torn in different directions today - running around like a headless chook!

Southern Blogisphere>>>

7 January, 2003 12:17 PM

Calling all bloggers from down south!!! - anyone that is blogging from the southern hemisphere - I'd like to hear from you asap! I'm trying to compile a list of Theoblogians, Church/Community Blogs, Christian bloggers etc from anywhere south of the equator. Why? - well I've been chatting to a few such people and we thought it might be good if we were able to network and link to each others sites as I'm sure we have alot in common. The list will be made available to all shortly - posted here and on Blogs4God.

Anyway, if this is you or you know of such blogs could you either email me or leave a comment here! Please include your blog name, the URLto be linked, your location (city and country)and your own name/alias >>>

Any help through posting this on your blog and spreading the call would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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