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6 April, 2003 11:56 AM

Signposts have found a new home. Help them out by changing your links.

Added Rick to my quality links page.

The Psychology of Weblogs

3 April, 2003 4:40 PM

Well they've started writing about the Psychology of Weblogs at last. I havn't read this series of articles yet but I'm sure they'll be enlightening. Check them out here. Thanks again PreSurfer for the link.

Something smells Fishy

2 April, 2003 9:49 PM

Has anyone else noticed that there are some strange goings on in the blogisphere of late? Maxspeak has had his site mirrored in a few remote locations. Signposts seemed to get hacked yesterday and Boynton has also had her template, blogroll...everything stolen.

Smells it a conspiracy???

eliacinandricci has also got salmon like smells eminating from his site. If you take the 's' out of the blogspot in his URL you'll end up on a mega Christian prophecy site.

Roy worked it out - someones registered the domain 'blogpot' 's' in it and its siphering any such mispelling of blogspot off to the Christian Prophecy site. Main thing is to spell your domain right and it won't effect you - it still does peeve me off a little - not sure about the ethics of this as a hit getting strategy!

Hmmm....maybe we could cash in on this.....I might go out and register some domains....''....'tallskinykiwi'....''.....''....hmmm


30 March, 2003 10:06 PM

In the last week or so I've added a number of great new blogs (well they were new to me) to my Quality Links page. Some of them are great quality - have a look and see what you think! Here they are:

Andy and Bea's World of Roman Umbrellas >> Charlie Wear's Notes >> DMash >> Matt Glock >> M Squared T >> Organic Church >> SteveSpot >>

Muslim Lover

27 March, 2003 8:02 AM

Well its been an interesting morning. I wasn't able to access the net last night due to running out of hours with my ISP (had to upgrade my plan) so I was expecting a few emails this morning....however as I watched them come into my inbox I realised that something 'strange' was going on! 100 emails later my suspicions were confirmed.

The bulk of these emails came from the one address - most just had the words 'Muslim Lover' in the subject. All I want to say to the writer of these emails (unsigned but presumably from our friend Greg) is thankyou for the reminder. I actually hadn't forgotten the call of Jesus to love my neighbour as myself - but its always good to be reminded. I DO appreciate your concern for me - however perhaps in future just one email reminder would suffice.

Another 20 or so emails came from a variety of bloggers. They are too many to name here - however most of them you'll find in my blog roll. All wrote to let me know of comments on their blogs reminding my blogging buddies to 'love Muslims' too. (this time they were signed by Greg) Again - we got the message Greg - we love Muslims - and most of those bloggers that you've left comments on also seem to love YOU too Greg in the gracious way they've responded to you.

Sorry to my fellow bloggers who've put up with this - I hope Greg is able to let go of his angst and put his energies into more positive endeavours in future.


23 March, 2003 7:39 AM

I havnt done much surfing this week - so my Sunday morning meta blog really has nothing meta about it. Rather I've got one site for you to take a look at.

Check out my mates brand new blog. Luke is from Melbourne like me and he's put his blog together himself from scratch - looks good mate!!! Luke: food for thought

Also was impressed with this post entitled THREE QUESTIONS ABOUT WAR WITH IRAQ that I found on Jordon's blog.


21 March, 2003 2:14 PM

A Huge Thank You to Rich! He'll know why - all I can say is he's been most supporting and generous to Living Room - what a guy! Visit him every day like I do!

Where were you?

20 March, 2003 1:52 PM

Yes it has begun. The question that is always asked about these occassions is 'where were you when you heard the news?'

I spent this morning in a Hindu Temple here in Melbourne and that is where I heard the news. I am currently doing a subject on major religions which involves visiting different places of worship.

It was quite a surreal moment after seeing the peaceful nature of these devout people and the serentity of their compound to get in my car and hear George Bush announcing the beginning of such a major conflict.

Village Space

20 March, 2003 8:49 AM

Village Space is a site I've headed you to before - but the site has been redesigned and moved to a new domain.

I really like the way fellow Aussie Mark seems to be thinking about this new church. He's opened a guitar school which gives an income stream but also puts him into direct contact with young people in his community. Check out his thinking on the blog/site.

Advice to New Bloggers

19 March, 2003 1:44 PM

Was chatting to a new blogger yesterday via email - what advice to give?

I'll make it brief - go here and here. Read their advice. Lastly go here every day and add this to your links list!

New blogger?!?

17 March, 2003 10:22 PM - >>> the Missional Position

Congratulations to fellow Aussie blogger Malcolm who's just become the father of MICAH!!! I wonder how young the worlds youngest blogger is? Maybe you could get him to post for you Malcolm!?


16 March, 2003 8:22 AM

I've been considering coming up with some way of acknowledgeing the blogs that have made the biggest impression on me. I've decided that on a semi regularly basis (maybe weekly on a Sunday) that I will post a meta-blog posting giving the high lights of the past weeks blogging from my perspective. From time to time it will include the serious, the bizarre, the new and the old. Its not a competition, they will not be ranked in any order - just a way for me to let you know what's caught my attention, got me thinking, made me laugh (or cry) or provided a space for a good discussion. This weeks observations include:

Jason has been blogging on the Kingdom of God and how it should impact the way we operate as church - especially in relation to our mission-ality here and here. Its a similar journey to what I've been on the past year in my thinking. Great quality blogging.

Welcome to my quality blogs list The Crucible of My heart and Eliacin's Blog. (who is from Puerto Rico)

Alan (see 10th March post) shares of his Dads confession of faith. Excellent news!

cre8d : journal posts on monologue/dialogue in blogging.

Paul shares of some ideas about using movies in church (15th March post). Great ideas which i'm sure I'll borrow!

Bene comments on some of the trends in blogging - particularly focusing upon what types of Christian blogs are getting most links.

John Campea links to a great article about A Practical Christian Pacifism - good article and very topical.

Rachel from Life Being Beautiful risks never being linked on this page again with an 'Australian Joke'! Three strikes and you're out Rachel....thats ONE!

Mark Riddle announces that 2nd April is 'National Tell the Truth Day'

New Anonymous Blogger

14 March, 2003 10:33 AM

Just to let you know of a new blogger on the scene that has cause a bit of a blogging frenzy in their few days of blogging so far! Everyone meet No Eye Deer.

Unfortunately B4G have decided not to list No Eye Deer as a result of their new policy to not allow anonymous bloggers. An interesting discussion has since been happening at Cre8d over the sense of such a policy.

Anyway - as B4G won't do the introductions to you I thought I would...

No Eye Deer has since posted on their feelings on the saga too with what I feel are some wise words here.

Reminds me of a post I did a few months back entitled Who's In?

Sunday morning Blogservations

9 March, 2003 9:17 AM

Observations of my Sunday morning Blogisphere rounds.

Stumbled upon a new blog (to me) Marcs Messages at Kingdom Space, it looks really good. Bene - well he just blogs on! (he's a machine!)

Laura is talking about one of her (and my) favourite bands — Coldplay. Steve's church Grace way have started a lent blog which is a fantastic idea. I'll be checking it out heaps as its such stimulating stuff. (try saying that first thing on a Sunday morning!)

Friday6pm's temperature is rising over a new HOT television show. Paul and Mark are hot under the collar too as a result of blogger type frustrations.

Tall Skinny Kiwi's site is looking great — I like all the little pics — concise posts etc. I wish I could be a little more pointed in my writing. Alysha Jane may just be loosing her marbles after some heavy study. The evidence is in her star trekking post — poor girl!

Malcolm tells of an interesting chat with a pastor doing some interesting thinking on church size. Mark has discovered that church is actually a soccer game with 50 kids! He's a braver man than I.

Stay clear of Gannes site — you might catch what he's got! Leave him an encouraging comment though....I hate being sick. IreneQ is talking death — interesting stuff. Berlin Rocks has finally updated!!!! Woohooo!!! I love her reflections.

Vote for a top blog

7 March, 2003 7:51 AM

Vote for Rachel in the best design catagory in the dilly award. Congratulations Rachel!

Also just a reminder for people to change their bookmarks on this site. Thanks.

Fat Blue Address change

4 March, 2003 3:24 PM

FatBlueMan John Janzen has changed his domain address.

Categorised Archives

1 March, 2003 8:30 PM

filing.jpgHave changed my Archives over to a Categorised format - hope its easier to use than what I had.

Observations....or should that be Blogservations

20 February, 2003 1:15 PM

Thanks for Jonny (check out his book on Alt Worship - looks great!) and Thomas for links to various recent posts.

Check out Rachel's brand new design - it looks fantastic, very fresh, clean and simple yet also functional. I can only dream of having something like that for my blog and will have to enlist her brilliant design skills to manage it.

Pray for John, Real Live Preacher and Darren as they and their families each face pretty big stuff at the moment.

Comments are back

19 February, 2003 12:01 PM

Looking forward to your thoughts on the last couple of days posting.

Comments on Comments

14 February, 2003 2:50 PM

Sorry to those who've had trouble with my comments today - Haloscan have been driving me nuts of late - time for a change soon....

Tried to post a comment two posts back in reaction to the conversation going on there. It wouldnt let me post a comment so I'll do it for all to see...

Sorry that you seem to have been hurt in this conversation Laura - I suspect a number of people have been and I would encourage us all to attempt to continue the conversation going with Graceful dialogue as our intention.

I've appreciated most of the comments made on this topic have been made in that vain - however worry when we write one anothers comments and opinions off as invalid without trying to see the others point of view.

Yes - do hold an opinion - argue it - tell us all your point of view but don't write others off or make accusations or assumptions about what they think or believe without a little grace. Rather ask them a question, make a suggestion and encourage them to think about something.

As far as I know none of us are experts in international relations, none of us have had conversations with our worlds leaders on the topic and all of us are trying to work through this international conflict from our own perspective's, through our own pain, from our own viewpoint in the world and in our own time. I know this is where I'm coming from and this is the type of atmosphere I'm trying to create on this blog. The day I realise this blog is not about bringing life to its readers and the world is the day I'm out.

Please continue to discuss the issue, I'm happy to provide a space for us to work through this, to learn from and understand one another and to pray about this.

Sorry - feel strongly that we maybe need to refocus at tad... and by 'we' I mean me on

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