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Working For God @ Eurovision

27 May, 2003 9:15 AM

Luke has an interesting post about 'working for God in a secular environment'.

His post on Eurovision made me laugh too!

Introducing The Green Man

26 May, 2003 8:58 AM

Welcome a new blogger from a familiar face. Chris has been a regular reader and commenter here on my blog and has finally given into the blogging pull to his own blog - The Green Man

If its half as good as his commens around the blogisphere it'll be one to keep an eye on.

Around the 'Traps'

21 May, 2003 10:22 AM

On my morning round of the blogs I found some gems.

Leighton comments insightfully on the "Church leavers debate". Laura has a beautiful post about 'time healing all wounds'. Andrew comments on Christians on Survivor - something I'd been watching with interest. Rachel has finally gone nuts and is willing to answer any question (virtually) that we ask her! Thomas talks about leaving for South Africa in the next week. Andrew must have taken some 'funny pills' this he talks about the prayer of Jael, Jesus action figures etc. Bryan asks if all this authenticity talk is the 'real deal'. Matt takes a look at Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christian. Rob has started writing a book, In Search of Thin Ice and has posted the intro for our comments.


20 May, 2003 11:13 PM

here is my BlogStreet Neighborhood

IRC Chat

20 May, 2003 4:38 PM

(This post is also found at Signposts)

Some of us chatted away on msn last week. It was quite an experience chatting online to people who you felt you knew really well. How? Well, by reading their blogs. Unfortunately Msn limits us to five people chatting at the same time in a group.

So, we have set up an IRC channel and are planning a scheduled chat. Depending on how it goes we may even invite certain authors and guests and explore issues with them online.

Date - Friday, 23rd May 2003
Time - 8.30am EST (Australian Eastern Time)
server -
Channel - #whattheblog

If you dont have access to a irc client you may want to check out:

Windows -

Mac - fire client

If you are unsure of how to use a irc client or want a web based solution then go to here and use signposts web interface.

I am looking forward to chatting on Friday.

update - note the change of time - also Bene has the North American times listed

Jan's Story

17 May, 2003 12:17 PM

Jan (16.05.03) has posted her powerful story in response to the conversation at Rachel's which by the way has been commented upon widely through the blogisphere. I recommend you read through her posts and related links - its an amazing collection of thoughts for those of us thinking through what church should/might/could look like!


15 May, 2003 9:27 PM

Chuck Olsen is making a independent documentary about blogs! Should be interesting.

Good Blogging 101

15 May, 2003 11:54 AM

Susan (permalinks not working) has a great list of 'what makes a good blog'. Her main headings are:

1. Updated frequently
2. Content
3. Design
4. Navigation
5. Author Information
6. Commenting
7. Music

Check out her post to see what she says under each one.

What makes a good blog for you?? Leave your comments and I'll collate them all if there is enough response.

Instant Bloggering

14 May, 2003 9:31 AM

Since my call for other bloggers to have a chat on MSN Messenger I've been fortunate enough to have 'conversations' with some of my favorite bloggers (its like meeting blogging celebrities!

So far I've chatted with:

Luke >> Phil and Dan >> Rachel C >> Rachel F >> Bene Diction >> Eliancin >> John >> Macker >> Blake >> Richard >>

I've also got Paul, Richard >> and Mike's ID's and am am eagerly awaiting them being online for a chat.

Its interesting to communicate with each other via another medium than blogging. It does add another dimension.

As I said last time, if you want to chat my MSN Messenger ID is NB, this is not an email address I check so use my other one for email communication! See you online soon.

Crowning King Gibber Bob

10 May, 2003 11:29 AM

Check our Rob's (the guy who blog sitted Living Room while I was away) new blog at King Gibber Bob. He's currently in the UK at a global mission conference and will then be travelling in Vietnam.

Update: Read all his entries (there is only 7 or so so far), his reflections upon theconference he's at are worth the read!

To Delist or not to Delist?

10 May, 2003 9:31 AM

What the blog ettiquette is in delisting people from your blog?

I ask because of late I've had a number of emails from people letting me know that they are delisting me because they don't agree with some of the 'multi faith' postings I've been doing lately.

Not sure how to feel about another one this morning.

Oh well - I guess my self esteem and self worth shouldn't come from my blog so I shouldn't take it personally.

Update: It does make me a little concerned that the way people deal with reading something they disagree with is to 'delist' or turn ones back on that person. Generally when I disagree with another person I would leave a comment and try to engage them in a conversation to explore the tension. In fact I find that when I do its something that helps me to grow and develop. If we only interact with and support those who we agree with do we run the risk of limiting our own experience of life, faith and personal development?

I like what Jan writes in comments fact it deserves to see the light of day here on the main page!

She writes: "What's the point anyway? I would be the poorer if I read only blogs by those who shared the same viewpoint as I have. I also link to blogs occasionally where I have little in common with the author. I'm not afraid of looking beyond the comfort zone or of hearing something which might challenge the holy huddle viewpoint."

When Blogging goes to another level!

6 May, 2003 3:36 PM

Have you ever wondered what impact blogging might be having on your life?

Scenario 1 - You are at a party where you see a friend you haven't seen for a few weeks. You engage them in conversation. You ask the 'what have you been up to?' question. They tell you their latest news and do the polite thing and ask you, 'what about you, what have you been doing?' You try to list off your latest news only to be cut off mid sentence each time you tell a story with the words....'Yeah, I read about that on your blog.' They jokingly say 'I don't need to catch up with you in person any more, I'll just read your blog!' You both chuckle but know deep down that in some respects they may be right.

Scenario 2 - You and your wife are catching up with friends together. Mid way through the conversation it becomes obvious that the one of your friends that reads your blog knows more about some of the things you've been thinking about during the day than your wife does.

Scenario 3 - You meet an old ministry associate at a conference. He seems slightly more 'distant' than normal and less willing to engage in conversation than he has been on previous encounters. You think he might just be having a bad day until you later hear he thinks you've joined the 'liberal faction' of the denomination after someone forwarded him your blog address and he read a one off post out of the context of an ongoing conversation with a group of other bloggers.

Scenario 4 - You are the guest speaker at a church. After your sermon you are approached by someone who you've never met before who procedes to tell you your life story and interact with you as if they're life long and intimate friends because they feel like they know you so well after having read your inner thoughts on the net.

Quality Links

5 May, 2003 10:43 AM

I've finally added some new 'Quality Links'. I've been visiting most of them for ages and am embarrassed to only be updating my links now. So when you've got some time for some good quality blogging check out:

David Hopkins>>Faith Walkin>>Grow Project>>Incident Report>>Lebs Rant>>Matt Glock>>McBlog>>Small Ritual>>They blinked

Also check out recently added Aussie Blogger wwWestlake


2 May, 2003 9:05 AM

The past day or so I've been Lusting. Wander-Lusting that is.

Click the left hand side of this button and you'll be taken to a random blog linked to Wander never quite know where you'll end up, some destinations will leave you amazed, others confused and others disappointed. I have been amazed by the vast quantity of blogs that are out there - and the amazing creativity of the Blogisphere. Sometimes its easy just to stay in your own little only surf Christian blogs or even just the 'Post-modern' Christian blogs.... maybe its time we widened our horizons a little.

Bubble Popping adiction?

30 April, 2003 1:10 PM

Do you like to pop the bubbles on bubble wrap? Virtual Bubblewrap and Perpetual Bubblewrap will fulfill all your desires!

Thanks to Lady Dusk for the links.


26 April, 2003 10:16 PM

Just Toilet Paper Maybe the marketing department of the church I just blogged about could try THIS new form of advertising!!!!

Thanks to Presurfer for the link.

Watch out what you say...

15 April, 2003 5:21 PM

A word of warning to those of you who have MSN conversations with other certain bloggers... your words may end up of their page!!! I might have to stick a Creative Commons licence on my MSN outgoing messages! :-)

Nice one Rachel

Emerging Blog

11 April, 2003 9:15 AM

Just got an email from Greg, an emerging minister. Check out his blog....very....'emerging'...

Blog Taster

10 April, 2003 6:13 PM

Rachel is a complete star. She just added some very nice code to my blog to enable you my readers to get a taste of what four of my four favorite bloggers are saying right here on my blog. (its over there on the right under the 'search' option and above the other links) At this stage its just four blogs featured and its limited to those bloggers using Moveable Type.

The purpose is to get us all talking and interacting more - I hope it draws you over to these blogs - I'll add more as I can and perhaps rotate featured blogs as I find more MT based ones!

If you'd like to add this feature to your MT blog let us know and we'll get you the code! Thanks Rachel!!

UPDATE Also to acknowledge that the original code (before Rachel adapted it) came from Trommetter

Muslim Blogisphere

7 April, 2003 1:49 PM

I just spent a most interesting morning surfing a new (for me) part of the blogisphere that I'd never experienced before, blogs written by Muslims.

What a fascinating time I've just had! I feel like I've learnt so much.

There is probably a lot I could write about in response to what I read but the following are some of the observations that I made as I surfed. I've written them as comparisons to the Christian blogs that I read daily.

(please note that I am an outsider to the Muslim community and therefore do not presume to fully understand or comprehend everything I've read - I also surfed well over 100 blogs so what I am not writing is a gross generalisation....I hope I do not offend anyone in my observations.)

1. The first thing I immediately noted as I surfed was that many of these blogs use the same templates that you would find surfing any collection of Christian blogs! Blogger crosses all boundaries in its reach!

2. The topics of general postings were remarkably similar to that in the Christian blogs that I surf. Postings ranged in topic from Iraq, SARS, international politics right through to issues of faith and Scripture and through to personal observations of life and story telling of those quirky happenings that happen to all of us. This was reflected in the variety of types of blogs that I saw. As in the 'Christian blogisphere' there are blogs representing all streams of Christian thought, denominations, theologies and ways of life.

3. Related to this was a huge array of opinions and stances on the 'issues' of today. In particularly I observed a large range of opinion on the Iraq conflict. Just as many Christians take opposing views so do the Muslim bloggers I visited. Another similarity is the obvious pain that the current conflict is causing bloggers on both ends of the political spectrum - posts on the topic obviously come out of deep emotions and feelings.

4. I was impressed by the depth and genuine grappling I observed in many of the blogs on issues of faith. Some of what I read corresponded with some of the issues I've been reading on my blogroll. Many of the blogs were grappling with the question 'what does it mean to be a Muslim in the time and place where we live?' As a result there was conversation about how to be more relevant with expressing faith today in this fragmented world we live in. Again - this corresponding conversation is happening in many of the 'emerging church' blogs I'm interacting with.

5. Lastly I was very disappointed to observe on a number of blogs comments from readers that were inflammatory, racist and aimed at provoking some of the bloggers as they grappled with tough issues. My visit was fleeting so I cannot really comment on who was at fault - however in most situations the Muslim bloggers responded to these hurtful comments with real grace and the majority of the 'heat' seemed to come from those leaving the comments - often quoting the bible to make their points.

On the whole I feel my morning of surfing has been really worthwhile. I'm learning alot. I hope my observations have not come across as condescending in any way - they are basic ones, however I guess I was struck by some of the similarities in what I read. Thank you to those bloggers who have enlightened me no end today!

I am a little hesitant to point you to the blogs where I surfed — only because there is a minority in visitors to this site (perhaps even just 1) who have been quite abusive when I've talked on this topic before. However I'll give you a starting blog which has literally hundreds of Muslim bloggers for you to visit if you are interested. (I figure it doesn't take much to find such blogs if you put your mind to it, so I might as well give you one that has a wide spectrum of links) It is called Interview with Bilal - 1
Interview with Bilal - 2
Interview with Bilal - 3
A Muslim's Reflection on Easter
Last Sunday I visited the local Mosque

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