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Blog Tip 5 — Titles are Everything

28 October, 2003 7:59 AM

After slaving away on your latest blog post pause before you hit that 'publish' button and consider your title. What does it convey to your potential reader? Titles can be the difference between having your post read or ignored. Of course there are No Rules that will guarantee your post to get noticed, but you might want to consider some of the following.

Simplify — Studies show that blog readers prefer straightforward, short and simple titles to cute or cryptic ones.....

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Blog Tip 4 — Make it Scannable

27 October, 2003 8:04 AM

Only 16% of people read web sites word for word. Source

Most people read online by scanning the page for individual words or phrases, headings and other visual cues. Studies have shown that reading from a screen is more tiring and therefore about 25% slower than reading from paper — hense scanning becomes a technique that most employ....

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Blog Tip 3 - Blog Designers

25 October, 2003 1:47 PM

My post Where are the Blog Designers? got a bit of interest yesterday and a number of Blog Designers let us know about themselves and gave examples of their work.

I thought I'd give them a little exposure here:

As previously mentioned Cre8d Design is a personal favorite of mine. She produces clean....

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Blog Tips - Central Register

24 October, 2003 11:58 AM

Update: I have recently moved all my blog tips category to a new blog dedicated to blogging atProBlogger.

There are no hard and fast RULES of how to blog - basically its about being true to yourself, getting what's inside you into cyber space, connecting with others and growing in your ideas as you interact with them.

Having said this here are some of the things I personally have learnt on the way that I've found helpful in the journey of becoming a blogger. I hope there is something helpful here for you and that you'll add your own 'tips' in comments or on your own blog (let me know the link) so we can all learn from each other. Here are the tips so far: (if you want to see the latest 30 posts in this category look here.

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4. Make it Scannable
5. Titles are Everything
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9. Interactive Blog Tools
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16. Logo Design
17. Biz on Blog Design
18. Getting Listed on Search Engines
19. Content Tools
20. Blogging Books
21. Blogging for Dollars
22. Viral Blogging
23. How to Translate your Blog into other Languages
24. Rebecca Blood on Blogging
25. Introduction to Photoblogging and Moblogging
26. Blogging for Lasting Change - Introduction
27. Blogging for Lasting Change - Rejection to Attention
28. Blogging for Lasting Change - Indifference to Interest
29. Blogging for Lasting Change - Skepticism to Conviction
30. Blogging for Lasting Change - Procrastination to Desire
31. Blogging for Lasting Change - Fear to Commitment
32. Blog Design - Choosing Colours for your Blog
33. Moveable Type - Individual Archive Titles
34. Getting More Comments
35. Adsense Tips for Bloggers 1
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42. Adsense for Bloggers 8 - Miscellaneous Adsense Tips

Partner with hundreds of the web's leading merchants.

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If you have a blog tip to share write it up on your blog, send me the link and I'll add it to this list.
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Update: I have recently moved all my blog tips category to a new blog dedicated to blogging atProBlogger.

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Blog Tip 2 - Keep it Simple (Stupid)

23 October, 2003 1:49 PM

The average person only comprehends 60% of what they read. How much do you comprehend?.

To ensure your reader 'gets' what you're saying you need to make it clear by using some of the following techniques.

- Use simple language. Avoid technical jargon.

- Don't introduce too many ideas in one post. You can always add another post later.....

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Blog Tip 1 - Get to the Point

23 October, 2003 10:31 AM

The average person reads 200 words per minute - What's Yours? (The speed reading record is 1347 wpm)

In 96 seconds they will read 320 words.

So keep things short and to the point. I know this sounds crazy coming from me - but the stats show my longer posts are often largely are ignored.

EXTENDED ENTRY - If you're going to write a long post....

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